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Fashion Editorial: Mesh

Fashion Editorial: Mesh


Founded in Puerto Rico, MESH collaboration was created with the intention of bringing a fresh perspective to the local fashion industry.

It all started with an idea: To showcase local fashion by local professionals with local design in local scenarios. It may seem a bit over-the-top to continue highlighting the local aspect but the idea of it all had never seemed to be interpreted in the island. Fashion, in Puerto Rico, is a very important cultural aspect; people enjoy the glam of it all- to attend a show, to enjoy a designer’s collection from a close distance- yet many of us fail to really sink in their inspiration and allow its art to transform and envision itself in another scenario. MESH allows the design to flourish and come alive in a completely different space. The selection of the designs in this editorial is a constant conversation between how the place inspires the designer and what the design inspires in the place.

Our first edition is placed in a forest called “Bosque Escuela Olimpia” situated in Adjuntas. This small mountainside municipality, located in the central midwest of the island, is rich in natural resource and local hospitality. “Bosque Escuela Olimpia” also has a harvesting school where children come from all over the island to learn about nature and what it has to offer. Our intention, for this and upcoming editorials, is to find hidden gems that we feel necessary to expose to the local community and all over the world. The idea is to bring attention the talent, beauty, and inspiration Puerto Rico offers to the viewer.

From the first moment we found “Bosque Escuela Olimpia” there was a story that came to mind. Does this woman live in this environment? What does she want people to see when they glimpse her from the distance? Our model called Aria D’ Mir from G Models Agency, is a fresh canvas and she brings life and unites all aspects into a complete look. When you observe her in a garment, it is as if the design was always intended to be part of the area. The opulent gown by Fernando Gautier looks almost as if the model were a tree amongst the bamboo forest. The beaded strapless design from Orlando Of Atelier emulates the stoned path across the distance. The linear dress by Jaer Cabán has the rhythm of the streams that fall behind her from the waterfall. The grey ensemble by Elisamuel Berrios moves with such gesture as its played with the wind the area generates. All very different, yet cohesive for the story.

The team behind the MESH collaboration is a highly qualified and dedicated personnel that have experience in local fashion, yet carry a fresh perspective. The creative director and the person who first planted the seed in the collaboration are Bianca Perez, current fashion event coordinator, and visual merchandiser. She studied fashion design and has specialized courses in fashion communication, retail management, and visual merchandising. Our photographer and editor are Juan L. Hernandez. He currently owns his own company called Running Films Inc. and works and collaborates with top local artists, designers, and magazines in projects like campaign collections, lookbooks, and fashion editorials. Our third member is Juan Reyes Play. He is the stylist, hair artist and consulted in the project. Reyes is an accessories designer and has been featured in top local magazines and offers fashion assistance to designers in their events. A small but passionate team! Inspiration changes with each new season, designs and scenarios. MESH can’t wait to showcase their new ideas.


Creative Director: Bianca Pérez
Fashion Designer: Elisamuel Berrios
Photographer: Juan L.
Model: Aria D’ Mir
Stylist: Juan Reyes
Fashion Designers: Fernando Gantier, Reyes Play, Jaer Caban, Of Atelier