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Fashion Editorial – London Red Vibes

Fashion Editorial – London Red Vibes


Photographer: Maria Cristina Franco www.mariacristinafranco.com
Mua&Hair: Michele Di Giovanni
Model: Martyna Anna Komkowska
Set Designer: Giuseppe Longobucco
Stylist: Michele Di Giovanni
Location: London

LOOK1 – Ring: Alexander McQueen, Dress: Vintage Archive, Bracelet: Concept
LOOK2 – Dress: Vintage Archive, Bracelet: Concept, Underwear: victoria’s secret
LOOK3 – Dress: Top Shop, Dress: Kokoro, Shoes: Schutz Bracelet: Concept, Bag: Alexander McQueen
LOOK4 – Dress: Kokoro, Shoes: Schutz Bracelet: Concept, Bag: Alexander McQueen, Ring: Vintage Archive
LOOK5 – Dress: Vintage Archive, Necklace: Sweetmakemilano
LOOK6 – Dress: Top Shop, Shoes: Boutique Mercedeh Shoes, Bag: Alexander McQueen, Sunglasses: Art of Glass, Ring: Alexander McQueen
LOOK7 – Dress: Vintage Archive, Shoes: Schutz, Ring: Alexander McQueen

Faceless London Red Vibes was born from a need to return to do the job that best suits me and that makes me feel alive, After months of detention for personal reasons. I’m an Italian fashion photographer who lives in Paris but I decided to do this shoot in London to get motivated and have new experiences.

So London because of a city outside the box, full of stimuli where they can express themselves without bias. I always like to change and take as much as I can from each experience.I collaborated in this project, with a great Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Michele Di Giovanni, very expert in his field and very professional; Modeling, Martyna Anna Komkowska, which in my opinion can have a great career in the field; and the Set Designer, Giuseppe Longobucco, very dedicated to this work and already experienced in this field in Paris shooting; the studio that hosted us for the shooting was an Italian guy living in London 10 years ago and that the realization of this service made possible.

My style I think is very well defined in this service, rich in contrasts and strong colors, strong and full of personality. A crazy woman, convinced of itself and of its potential that does not need to prove anything to the world. Convinced of what is, with a personality out of the ordinary.I decide to be a woman so in this service perhaps too much for my desire to escape from the usual cliches.the woman always represented in the same way, sexy and provocative, as I see in some services of my colleagues has become a way of seeing a bit too ridiculous, or rather the woman represented in the opposite way, too masculine, devoid of emotions or sensations, I am not convinced that much.so I decide that the woman should be what is in what WOMAN but without malice, a woman who does not think about anything and cares about what’s going on around her. Of his being happy and happy to express it.