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Fashion Editorial: In the Light

Fashion Editorial: In the Light


Photographer / Photo Retoucher: Tanya Mishchuk /Tanya’s ARTelier/
Model: Rachel Tang
Makeup Artist: Melany McDermid-Venter /Southern Rouge Makeup/

I’m Ukrainian photographer, photo retoucher, and artist who is honored to create in Auckland, the city of New Zealand that inspires me to see the beauty around each and every day of my life.

I’m equally enjoying work with people as a photographer, planning photo shoots with creative teams and working long hours on my own as photo retoucher while am editing my own or other photographers’ images, as well as creating all sorts of art projects all the way from the birth of an idea to final result.

Happened, that photo retouching came first to my life as something serious and passionate, I felt in love with photo manipulations from the very first time when I opened my friend’s Photoshop in early 2000th and I’m still in deep love with it and am developing my skills all the time. Through it, I found my way to becoming a photographer.

As a photographer, I love working with both professional models same as I enjoy the process of creating beautiful portraits of people whose job is not to be in front of the lens. That’s always a pleasure to see people’s eyes shine when they look at photographs of them. I love people, love diversity and believe everyone is beautiful and everyone is photogenic if the photographer is able to see beauty in person. This is how and why in 2015 Tanya’s ARTelier photo and art studio was founded in Auckland where I shoot, create and collaborate with many talented people from all around the globe.

As an artist, I never know what will inspire me next time and where it will lead me. That way most of the art projects come to life, sometimes even portraits, fashion and beauty images are created like that.

The project “In the light” or “Beauty in the light” was born in such unexpected way. It started from one single unpleasant comment seen by me on social media under the photo of a model that she is featured in this project. There was a portrait of her posted online in a professional group, she was looking for a photographer to help her with building her portfolio there and someone wrote: “You are not pretty” below that photo. The idea came to my mind immediately. I knew straight a way that I wish to shoot my next beauty project with that model.

Whenever it’s possible I try to meet newbie models before the shoot and discuss the upcoming shoot and talk what we are going to achieve and answer all the questions they may have. It helps a lot on the day of the shoot to feel more comfortable for beginners and to communicate better for the best result possible. The same way “In the light” was prepared and created.

On the day of the photo shoot, I had very true and confident in front of my camera model with her natural beauty magically touched by a passionate makeup artist. We had a great team of people focused on the result and I’m grateful to them for doing their job so well and so professionally.

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