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Fashion Editorial – L´heure dorée

Fashion Editorial – L´heure dorée


Photographer: Jinyu Li @lyj¬¬_studio
Model: Antia Duran @antiaduranpita
Hair & makeup: Ana Sabina @anasabina¬_makeup
Set: Viader & Farrè.
Stylist: Jaime Martínez
Art Direction: Fabricio Pérez.

Wardrobe Credits:
Look 1: Top: Uterque, Trousers: Josep Font, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Look 2: Suit Hugo Boss, Top: Edició Limitada, exclusive prints by, Dissenys Vergara, Shoes: Mascaro
Look 3: Shirt: Valentino, Trousers: Armani, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Look 4: Dress: Dolores Promesas
Look 5: Suit: Llamazares y de Delgado
Look 6: Shirt: Llamazares y de Delgado, crochet by Mariposa Valentina., Boots: Hunter

The editorial focuses on the contrasts of fabrics’ textures, prints and colors styled accordingly to present the ruling trends. There is a coherent treatment of light and body language with the common denominator of the different shades and palette of sunset light, giving name to the editorial, l´heure dorée. The photographer has managed to show and adapt the different shades of golden sunset light to créate a constant element that showcases the looks. The looks combine and blend techniques and craftsmanship as well as volumes and silhouettes of the different brands included.

The garments have been selected taking into account the way they all include or reflect the application of traditional techniques in order to perserve or innovate them. The prints some times silk creened or done by jackard, or by digital print are bold and guide the color palette for the editorial. Features such as pleats appear in variation of size and depth,(knife pleats, box pleats etc ), to create volumen or texture to enrich the garment or fabric. There are hand knitted elements made using the traditional crochet technique these are sewn on top a deconstructed shirt to recreate a garden. All these different elements coherently transmit the message of the importance that the preservation of crafmanship and tradition have in Sustainable Fashion today.

Special interest was given to adding texture with the back drop created by Viader-Farrè for this shooting, the subtle rusty effect contrasts with the ivory tone of the fabric, while the late afternoon breeze blows it as a sail engulfing the model.

The idea was to shoot on a terrace but offering a fresh approach to terrace shootings, The cliché elements of meditarrean terraces have not been considered to prevent obvious associations to location.

For make up and hair there is a gradual increase of color in the eyes and lips as to strengthen the idea of contrast but in a subtle way in the order the images appear . Regarding hair traditional wicker weaving techniques have been reiterpreted using a silk ribbon to work with.
The inspiration is the light at sunset that gives a sort of gold dust touch to all under it.