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Fashion Editorial: l’Atelier

Fashion Editorial: l’Atelier



Photographer: Pascal Uehli
Assistant: Florian Gurtner
Female Model: Carina Noack

LOOK1,2 – Top: Gina Tricot/Pants: Kiomi/Jacket: Mango/Necklace: H&M
LOOK3 – Pants: H&M/Top: H&M/Necklace: H&M
LOOK4 – Shirt: S. Oliver/Scarf: Second Hand/Jeans: H&M/Shoes: H&M
LOOK5,6 – Top: H&M/Pants: H&M/Jacket: H&M/Shoes: Zara
LOOK7 – Dress: Miss Selfridge

l’Atelier was inspired by simplicity and clear shapes. The styles for this story was chosen due to neutral color shades. It was the highest requirement to reduce all kind of disturbing things to a minimum. To have this minimalistic kind of photography the color scheme was defined with black, white and gray. But to keep the story a live the team used the elements ladder and armchair in different ways. The team was also careful regarding the outfits and keep it also very clean.

Pascal Uehli is an ambitious photographer from Switzerland and working since years as a portrait/fashion photographer. He’s living in Zurich and started to photograph in 2011. He joined the ICP shortly after that and made a lot of experiences in the first few years. He was traveling a lot to work abroad one of his first photo shoot in Berlin was with Carina Noack a professional model from Germany. She’s working in the model industry since years and is very talented. Carina was in front of the camera for well-known brands and campaign. Since the first collaboration Carina and Pascal worked together several times. They are working together as a team with trust and respect. Florian joined the team a little bit later as an assistant and is doing a great job as well.

The production was made in Berlin in a daylight studio, the windows of the studio are aligned to the east. It was after 3 pm during the winter time and the sun was on the way to sunset. The model was photographed with a mix of daylight and flash lightning. Pascal Uehli trusts he’s Nikon D800 and a simple 50mm f1.8 lens, which is one of his most preferred lenses.