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Fashion Editorial: The Lady in the Mansion

Fashion Editorial: The Lady in the Mansion



Photography: Jenny Rae Photography
Model: Stefanie Cornell
Makeup Artist: Aniquea Nazli
Hairstylist: Renci Vana
Headpiece: Drafted Eminence
Outfit: Beauty by Impairment Designs

On a strikingly grey evening, he walks through a vastness that seems never ending. The cool, crisp, haunting air hits the nape of his neck and sends an electric tingle down his spine. He stumbles and trips through lushness of forest when he sees it. A mansion, whispering sweet nothings in the air. He is drawn to it. A sheer magnetism that won’t let him turn away. He inches towards the whispers, feeling the air getting heavy and charged with force. His hand touches the latch on the door that is the entrance to this intoxicatingly haunting place. He presses down on the latch and enters the thick of whispers. Whispers of stories past, memories, gathering of love, laughter… He hears clinking of crystal and a rush of emotions gush past his ear. Then he sees her. A sweep of light.

He sees her in the past and the present of this place. He sees her in all her strength and beauty. His breath catches at the back of his throat. Who is this creature? She is breathtakingly beautiful with eyes that see through his soul. He slowly inches towards her light when she dims away.

There is a lady in the mansion. This mansion, that seems to have a soul and a life with not one person in it. This lady’s mansion. He slowly inches towards the energy she left behind. His hand moves to touch the air charged with static where he saw her standing like a pillar of light. He hears a creaking of old tired wood and turns around to see her ascending up the stairs of her mansion leaving behind her a swish of silk. He follows her up the stairs and goes from room to abandoned room looking for the lady in the mansion.

Then he sees her, sitting like the queen that she is, the sun catching every little facet of her jewels making a chorus or radiant beams of light all around the room. She stares right into him and holds out her hand. He walks slowly through the dancing beams of sunlight, slowly inching towards her, his fingertips almost touching hers. She fades away. The beams on sunlight fades away. He looks around the darkness looking for her. His ears buzzing, his head spinning. He races down the stairs towards the front door of the mansion. He turns the latch stumbling out, his ears full of static, his body heavy with panic, fear, curiosity, joy… He stands up, weak in the knees, looks up at the stone and rock of this place.

Wondering. Wondering about the story of this place and the story of The Lady in the Mansion.