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Fashion Editorial: Innate Deception

Fashion Editorial: Innate Deception


The inspiration behind this piece was to incorporate Fall with Edge. Welcoming New York’s Fashion sense & attitude with a personality behind it. It was not difficult to achieve once I put together my team. Logan Slaughter is a passionate makeup artist from New York, however born and raised in Florida. Funny enough, same thing with the model Jantzen Wright. The stylist Anne with ReDeux Clothing & I met at Orlando RAW Artists at The Abbey. We were both chosen to showcase live shows. Anne did a live FASHION show, and I did a LIVE Boudoir. We were also BOTH chosen OF THREE to do a Radio show out of WPRK local Rollins College Radio.

Jantzen Wright is with BMG Orlando. She’s a stunning model and I chose her because she just has something unique about her that I love. And get this!! I walked into iStudio Salon where Logan Slaughter works and there was a GIANT photo of Jantzen that she did a few years prior for iStudio. Then once I met her, I loved her even more. And vibing nicely with a model is actually unusual. Logan Slaughter I met at a wedding we both were working on. Something brought me to ask her if she liked doing Fashion Editorial work and if she was interested in creating ART together, she of course said “YES”! Her and I vibe together well which is important as hell to have a great team that you can communicate well with. She helps me bring more edge to my work. Which I love. Then Anne is a passionate hard workin Fashion Stylist that redoes clothing. She will take an article of clothing and cut it up and reconstruct it into her unique style. I believe Anne Gordon and I have done a total of six Editorials together and three Fashion shows.

I started Fashion Photographing in 2013, but discovered my talent for Photography in 2011. My first Editorial I used FOUR models and used one outfit per model. Not realizing you need 3-5 per girl for a legit “Editorial” to be considered for magazines. We had hair, makeup, fashion, models I scouted directly from the RAW Orlando. Since then I have kept up my momentum with doing Fashion work..

When putting together this particular shoot, Innate Deception I gathered images from Instagram and Pinterest for a “mood board” that everyone can work off of. There really is a lot of work that goes into organizing the shoot, however I never seem to mind since it‘s my PASSION. I chose the heart of Downtown Orlando because EASY, I was born and raised here. I wanted to represent what I know and bring the City chic look to the clothing. Shadows and depth was an important key role in this. As you see in the images there is a lot of mystery in the Models eyes that she so wonderfully brought for me. She kept my vision ALIVE and then some! I literally got chills in the last shot where we were in the Rails by the Doorway. She mentioned she wants to be an Actress and I agree. She was in Character and I was in my own creative Art world. It took around three hours to shoot all over a parking garage. We did get kicked off the rooftop so that is why there is only a few shots with it which is a HUGE bummer but that is okay. We drove down a few levels then shot in the stairwell, then walked down to ground level and shot a few more. I’m very proud of this Editorial. This has to be my best work thus far.