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Fashion Editorial: The Hippie Mermaid

Fashion Editorial: The Hippie Mermaid


Model: Bego Martín (Traffic Models)
Photographer and stylist: Joaquin Burgueño

My name is Joaquin Burgueño, my passion in life is photography and fashion, I’ve always liked all kind of photography’s but due to the fact that I love fashion too I begin I new phase on my life, fashion photography, I’ve been doing this since 2009, but I really started the past year publishing my work in magazines, also I’m the creator of a blog (smokemeuptothefilter.blogspot.com.es) where I post my work and show the people my fashion point of view.

I was born in 1992 in Barcelona, but I ended living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since 2007. Now I’m 21 years old and thinking of my future, every day I’m more than sure I want to do what my heart tells me and that’s photography.

I don’t usually have a team for my photo shoots, in this case I’m alone with the model, I’m a multitask boy, I can do styling too, but I’ve never studied it, I’ve only did two photography courses last year in Barcelona (CFD,Creació de Fotografía Documental) it sound like a very little thing, but I learned a lot, now I’m thinking in Madrid as a possible place to work as a grown photographer and continue studying.
The model is Bego Martin, an artist and a great model, she’s working with Traffic Models (Madrid) also, she has this website where she publishes all of her art pieces (www.begomartin.com). She was born in Cádiz, but lived a few years in Las Palmas, it’s not uncommon for her being here for a weekend and take advantage of the great team we do; now she is living in Madrid.

The location is in the south of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) an amazing place with an amazing weather every day of the year.

I love causalities, my plans for this photo shoot were in a beach I knew for a long time, but I didn’t come there for too long, all I remembered about was that there are a lot of rocks, I totally forgot how to arrive, but none of us care about, so we started walking through the shore hoping to find that imagined beach at the end, it wasn’t there, but we find another place, better than the other, it was amazing, A virgin beach full of huge rocks, natural pools, a beautiful light and too many possible stages. I was so happy, this are the causalities I love the most in photography, you never know what are you going to find if you venture a little, this beach has been there for a long time and I have to find this nature wonder accidentally, the water was so transparent and brilliant, the waves crashing the rocks, a huge peacefulness, perfect to us, to show the world this amazing place on my tiny island.

My idea for this shoot was this new kind of mermaids, the walking mermaids, they are all around the world and now are more popular than ever, with that hippie look, without fear of the hugeness of the ocean, practically living on the beach and stealing our hearts, we love natural people and they look the most natural a person can be, I had to do this photo shoot with Bego, because she is like that, a person who can’t live far from the sea for a long time, she’s a walking mermaid.

Fashion credits:
Bego1 & Bego2: We are Handsome Swimwear
Bego3 & Bego4: Bikini / Amore & Sorvete Trousers/ India market Jewelry / Marrakech market.. The big round ring is from Shantique design.
Bego5 & Bego6 : Dress/ H&M Jewelry/ Indian & Marrakech market except the big round ring again from Shantique Design
Bego7 & Bego8 & Bego9: We are Handsome Swimwear
Bego10 & Bego11 & Bego12: Triangle Swimwear