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Fashion Editorial: Hearts at War

Fashion Editorial: Hearts at War



Creative Director/Photographer: Emma Barrow – www.emma-barrow.com
Fashion Stylist: Christobelle Batchelor Make-up Artist: Rebecca Searle – www.rebeccasearlemakeup.co.uk
Hair Stylist: Tracie Gunningham at Envy Hair – www.envymyhair.co.uk
Model: Melise (First Model Management)
Assistant Fashion Stylist: Colette Amaezeson & Jennifer Diakiesse

As a freelance photographer and artist I use this freedom to express my views, opinions and life experiences. Each fashion editorial I produce has started from something personal and I’ve used photography to express and release certain events in my life, be it positive or negative.

The original ideas and concept for this shoot was created exactly a year prior to the shoot. Mood boards, Ideas and locations changed constantly over the year. And it took all of these elements and a strong team to finally pull off this shoot.

The concept of this shoot can be explained in a few ways with inspiration drawn from different sources. But I can say that it was based around a conflict of religion and beliefs and the feelings between two people. The over powering hold that these views have that eventually make them break. – Hearts at War.

When contacting the team, I expressed even more so to the stylist (Christobelle Batchelor), how subtle but strong statements of Satanism and religion needed to be expressed. The stylist produced looks that conveyed this perfectly and if anything, heightened and brought this shoot and its meaning to a new level.

Based in Plymouth, Devon – I brought my hair and make up team with me to shoot this in London. Tracie Gunningham, a highly skilled hairstylist who is more than able to produce any style I ask of her. Rebecca Searle, a make up artist who never fails to produce the best for each concept I create. Without these two on the team, the shoot would not have been as strong or express what was intended.

The location. Most of my shoots are shot on location because of the creativity you can have with it. It’s an important element to the shoot and can easily make or break it. Using a church and it being in London was important to the story and the locations for each shot were thought out carefully.

The expressions from the model were to convey pain, disappointment, strength and stability.

LOOK 1 – Kimono with harness by Darkest Star, Shoes by Havva, Latex Gloves by Lady Lucie Latex, Earrings by Sarah Angold Studio, Necklace by Hue Tawn Chan
LOOK 2 – Latex Gloves by Lady Lucie Latex. Both Rings by Hue Tawn Chan
LOOK 3 – Bralet & dress both by Darkest Star, Latex knickers, gloves & stockings all by Lady Lucie Latex, Hat by Nerida Fraiman
LOOK 4 – Latex dress by Ectomorph, Hat by Misa Harada, Latex stockings & gloves both by Lady Lucie Latex, Earrings by Sarah Angold Studio, Bracelet & rings both by Hue Tawn Chan
LOOK 5 – Dress By BJORN, Latex stockings & gloves both by Lady Lucie Latex