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Fashion Editorial: HAUTE’S

Fashion Editorial: HAUTE’S


Aesthetics, minimalism, simplicity that is combined with a bit of a different view in fashion photography, are the main things that the viewer can notice in my work. While studying photography in Vilnius College of Design, I fell in love with fashion photography and for the last two years of my studies I photographed mostly that. In that time I have worked with a lot of makeup artists and young fashion designers that has different needs, different style, and different ideas. But with all of them I managed to find a compromise that satisfies everybody and does reflect mine and theirs personal style. Monika Briunytė is one of them.

We have known each other for the last fifteen years and we started to work together three years ago, we help one another in any cases that includes her designs, make ups or my photographs. This editorial was the result of this kind of work. She helped me before, so I helped her with her newest collection – HAUTE’S.

Monika is a beginner student of fashion design, currently studying in Vilnius Academy of Art. From the first days of her life, She was surrounded by people, who worked in fashion and image industry, therefore aesthetics was inseparable part of her life. During later years she became interested in sports and, at the same time, saw a need for new fashionable sports clothes, which inspired her to create clothes that were modern and interesting. Once she had a chance, she went on to create an experimental mini collection HAUTE’S that reflects her view of sports and clothes. Everybody do sports in order to be healthy, but nobody can disagree that the way you look also influences your wellbeing. Therefore, according to designer, no matter what you do, when you wear something, you must feel not only comfortable but also stylish.

Main inspiration behind this collection is the cleanliness, modernity and simplicity of forms of current architecture. Thus, clothing looks minimalist and sleek. In addition, a light color gives the feeling of weightlessness.

The photo shoot reflects all those things. When I was asked to contribute with Monika and when I heard how the clothes will look like, I knew exactly where to do the photo shoot, how models will pose and what will be the final result. Pictures were done in architectural background, because it can’t be seen clearly it does not overwhelm models that are wearing HAUTE’S. Also, it creates the feeling of modernism and simplicity of forms that are the most important attributes in this collection. In most of the pictures models are walking, stretching or running. It shows the purpose of the clothes, and that it does not constrain the movement of human’s body which is very important for sports clothes. And warm colors in pictures perfectly combine with the ones in collection.
The movement, both models collaboration that completes the composition of pictures, the feeling of lightness, warmth when you look at them are as important in this photo-shoot as the clothes, that girls are wearing. While watching this editorial sometimes it seems like models just do their routine and does not notice that I am photographing them, it does not look like everything would be orchestrated. It creates the sense of naturalness which, in my opinion, is very close to athletics.

In addition, all the most important attributes in designers experimental mini collection HAUTE’S that reflects her view of sports and clothes are perfectly shown in fashion editorial using warm colors, location that editorial was photographed in, models body language and pictures composition. The final result satisfied both of us – mine and fashion designers – needs, which is the most important thing in contribution.

Photographer: Aurelija Lekytė
Designer and makeup artist – Monika Briunytė
Models: Miglė Palkevičiūtė and Karolina Lūžaitė
All clothes were done by the designer.