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Fashion Editorial: Haunted Romance

Fashion Editorial: Haunted Romance


As she emerges from her waiting chambers, the bride moves into the room like the fleecy clouds that float over the isles of some enchanted Celtic sea, over the dark northern skies. Her skirts, like gorgeous plumage, rustle with the richness of French perfume. Her loveliness rivals the most voluptuous dreams of the romancer or poet, as she broods in the smoke-hazed shadows.

This is no fairy tale bride, but more of a fresh take on bridal wear in this imaginative shoot by photographer Lesley Pedraza with model Jacqueline Depaul. These dramatic images highlight luxurious gowns that take the romantic illusion to a new level. For the fashion-forward bride seeking something traditional with a twist, these couture creations by Ysa Makino, Paula Varsalona, M.G.Lucas, and Stephen Yearick, provide that element of surprise once our bride makes her entrance.

Infused with an otherworldly beauty, the series is slightly ghostly and haunting. This sophisticated bride seeks her own unique style by wearing glamorous gowns in dream-like tones layered on whimsical and edgy details to achieve a blending of the ethereal with bold expressionism. The light plays across these fabrics reflecting shades of dark crystals or limpid pools, perhaps suggesting a palette inspired by a winter’s pale light, moody and atmospheric.

Apparently conflicted, our bride searches for grey space in which she can ensconce herself in the safety and privacy of a secret place. In the tangle and blur of so many engagement and wedding plans our bride has no time for re-thinking past decisions. Amidst the pressure to please so many disparate parties, she loses sight of her own interests. Determined to stand her ground with grace and poise, she radiates an aura of regal strength. Immersed in the lavish draping, rich textures, and flowing silks of her gowns, she is reassured of her own inner courage to face the unknown.

This overall melancholic series creates visions of a mysterious woman swathed in diaphanous hand-rolled organza and imported lace. The surrealistic beauty of these bridal gowns seems to transport our bride to deeper reflections. What are these dark questions, doubts, or fears influencing our model’s moods from frame to frame? Is she haunted by secrets from her past? A previous betrothal broken? Remorse over a lost fiancee? Alone our bride carries her burden or risks losing everything. Her groom awaits, handsome yet seems to be holding something back. Or, perhaps she received last-minute news behind closed doors regarding her groom-to-be. Perhaps she hears of a legend surrounding the place of their nuptials that his former lover abandoned him at this very same altar and now he fears that she will follow suit. Secrets abound and heighten the suspense as the clock is ticking and our bride feels more and more unable to escape. The bride agonizes over questions left hanging as time is running out; torn between her doubts and the fact that she’s been waiting for this moment for so long. She hadn’t waited patiently, but she had waited. Everything had to be perfect for this day.

These dark shadows subdue her mood as she contemplates stepping down the path toward this uncertain adventure. She feels the ground beneath her own feet was shifting… and she finds herself desperately searching for some rock-solid evidence to help her figure out the future. She tells herself that this is a case of common jitters – nervous butterflies – after all, getting married is in itself, one of life’s most overwhelming events. She wants to allow herself to be swept away with the whole experience of their romantic engagement and now the wedding looms large, leaving her breathless

As the tense moments linger she remains undeterred and hopeful that their haunted hearts will emerge triumphant as they explore love’s mysteries together.


  • Photographer: Lesley Pedraza
  • Photographer Assistant: Simon Venator
  • Model: Jacqueline Depaul
  • Hair & Makeup: Tony Ynot
  • Post Production: Argiris Maipas


  • Gown by Ysa Makino
  • Gown by Paula Varsalona
  • Gown by M.G. Lucas
  • Gown by Stephen Yearick