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Fashion Editorial: Funky Fall Fashion

Fashion Editorial: Funky Fall Fashion



Photographer: Ash Ahuja @vividshot_photography
Models: Michelle Tezak & Kaitlyn Alvarado
Designer: Darcy Fowkes darcycouture.com
Retoucher: Darya Zagornaya @darya_dariart

When Fashion Photography Meets Public Art

Ash (www.Vividshot.com) and Darcy (www.darcycouture.com) decided to shoot fall colors themed editorial. As a native of San Francisco, Darcy knew this was not as easy as it might seem to an East Coast transplant, so she suggested public art instead. San Francisco is the obvious choice as public art has been deployed throughout the city, so there were many choices available, but then Redwood City instead came us as an option. Redwood City is new to public art, so does not have a lot of choices, but they had the perfect three walls by three different artists’ right next to each other!

The three artists who have left their signature on this stretch of commercial stucco are Morgan Bricca of Morgan Mural Studios, Megan Stevens, Jesico Zuber, and Kristine Brandt with Addendum 24. Darcy chose the fashion for this editorial according to the colors in each mural, so featured salmon and olive for the flower wall, black and white for the Underground Pub wall, and a splash of rust/red color for the Crouching Tiger Mural.

Darcy is a sustainable fashion designer, or eco-friendly designer, who uses discarded materials in her creations. Of the two belts models Kaitlyn Alvarado and Michelle Tezak are wearing in front of the Crouching Tiger Mural by Morgan, the black belt is fashioned out of fish leather, the red belt from a discarded leather skirt. Kaitlyn’s semi-sheer black pants were created from a discarded scarf, Michelle’s pants from a discarded t-shirt.

Darcy made Michelle’s salmon pants from a piece of fabric, so does cut and sew from scratch, and Kaitlyn’s black and white pants were cut from a discarded dress. Her stripped top is a skirt turned upside down, with the hemline fashioned into shoulders, neck, and sleeves. Kaitlyn’s green outfit re-purposed a discarded t-shirt into pants and used the hem of the top to fashion a hat. The heels and toe of her boots were painted by fine artist Destiny Carter in Morrow Bay.

The fashion industry has become the second most toxic industry in the world today after oil, which is why Darcy is focused on sustainable methodologies to produce her line of work. “The public needs to know that this commercial industry is killing people and polluting environments all over the world you, ” says Fowkes. “The people who make our clothes have become modern day slaves; their incomes cannot support their families, and their employers do not have to provide safe conditions for them to work in.”

While Darcy uses as many ‘eco’ practices that she can get her mind around, all the consumer can do is protest against this incredibly powerful industry with their money and their consuming practices. She recommends that you buy local, stay away from large department stores that have no visibility into their supply chains, and your clothes out o the landfill by buying only what you are going to wear. For more information on Darcy’s work, she can be reached at www.darcycouture.com. For more information about Ash, visit www.vividshot.com.

LOOK1,2,3 – Black Lace Top, Bloomers and Belt: D’Arcy Couture
LOOK1,2,3 – Broadway Pants and Belt: D’Arcy Couture Muncho MachoTop: I LOVE H81
LOOK4,5 – Top, Pants and Hat: D’Arcy Couture Boots: Sassy Feet
LOOK4,5 – Pants and Scarf: D’Arcy Couture Top: Derhy
LOOK6 – Pants and Top: D’Arcy Couture