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Fashion Editorial – Forbbiden love

Fashion Editorial – Forbbiden love


Photographer: Charles Osawa
Model: B’KEM
Retoucher: Tb Designs
Model: Nini Amerlise, Season 1 Winner of Supermodel Canada
IG: https://www.instagram.com/nini_4u/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/niniamerlise
WB: nini_4u
TW: https://twitter.com/niniamerlise
PT: http://www.pinterest.com/niniamerlise
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Ninistyle.co
WB: @ninistyle.co
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Nini Love Artistry

Wardrobe Credits:
1-3, 9-10: Female Model | Light Blue canvas button-up, infused cotton blends for a very simple organic feel. Black wide-leg pants along with black blouse tied around the waist to create layers. This styling technique produces enough drama amongst the soft blue pastel color. Depicting that of a warrior Queen, yes gentle but at the same time knows how to stand her ground.

Male model | As a representation of the female model counterpart, and intended stronger dominate partner. Black on black pallets was used to create a sense of intensity and authority. Many of the looks have a slight taste of Asian influence, tying in an authentic integration inspired by the female model; Nini and her triad of cultural linage.

4-6, 11: Female model | Light Blue men’s canvas button up, rolled neatly to be used as a scarf for a more unique shape. Black cotton men’s dress shirt was used as the base for the outfit, paired with a leather quilt patterned diamond skirt. To play with shapes and geometry. A men’s’ dress shirt was incorporated around the waist to create the illusion of an irregular over layered skirt.

Male model | Styling continued with black on black pallets, however, integration of blue as a side kilt was added to show the representation balance within the relationship.

7-8: Male model | The intended styling is to show the heart of the man, the softer more romantic attributes. A Cotton blue button-up short sleeve, paired with a waist belt to emulate a strong yet gentle warrior, depicting the many layers a man contains. Finishing the look with black wide-leg pants to represent a firm foundation stood upon.

Female Model | The gentleness of the women was brought to the surface in the selections of pastel pink colors and soft greys. The black waist belt was for sensuality and grace, knitting the overall look together.

In a society bombarded with propaganda, and a distorted interpretation of love, we constantly want to mold ourselves into the perceptions of what the world says we are or whom we should become, rather than focusing on the path that’s been cultivated for our personal uniqueness.

No individual on this earth has been created in cookie-cutter mold, yet we constantly fight hard to match the synchronicity of society. The love depicted on social media tends to stray away from showing a clear scope of most relationships. Those absorbed in the social media lifestyle, constantly highlight the material things; diamond rings, selfies. The perfect wedding proposals, expensive travels to foreign countries, days on the beach, and perfect skin, yes all very wonderful experiences but not an honest reality.

We tend to run away from the truths on the process of the relationship, how did love mature over the duration of its time frame. We go through some ruffs before diamond gets to shine. What does it look like when disagreements happen? How does it get resolved? Are we comfortable to take a selfie without it being retouched, or not having makeup on, are we confident to show both spectrums? Authenticity determines relatability. Relatability comes through transparency, which allows healing to take place. Once we can heal and let go of the past, will give room for greatness to birth forth.

There is nothing wrong with showing the highlights of what a relationship can look like, however, it’s the imperfections, the test, and trials which build character and success. This is where the strength is found to sustain love in a very powerful and motivating way. Our creator God has nothing but greatness in store for us, why not live it with all authenticity.

The presented editorial is an encapsulation of what love looks in uncharted waters of the unknown. A love very pure in its intent, yet pushing through the hardships of misunderstanding, getting through the deep wounds of the past and unconditionally loving past the polar differences hardwired in one’s character. Male Model/ Top LA Musician B’KEM alongside Canadian Supermodel Nini Amerlise depicts what seems like “forbidden love “in a season where neither individual was interested in pursuing a relationship. It was an organic transition, that seemed to have dropped right in the moment of doubting that true love in a relationship could exist, after so many failed ones and the suffered consequences of opening our hearts to the wrong choice in the past.

The monochromatic color schemes and canvas fabrics represent a new slate. The blacks shown was to emulate a season of quietness and unresolved answers, the peaks of blues and grey represent the transition of calmness in the storm, regardless of what the state of the heart. The hint of satin pink is to foreshadow the love that will blossom in its due season, through the resistance to not give up on the newly established “forbidden love.”

Fashion Editorial - Forbbiden love

Fashion Editorial – Forbbiden love

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