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Fashion Editorial: Farm Day

Fashion Editorial: Farm Day


Photography & Styling: Sarah Rinne
Website: https://www.sarahrinne-photography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felicia.firat

Hair & Make-up Stylist: Sabeena Dias
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sabeena.kubiak

Model: Vanessa Beine @AWA Models
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.be.75

LOOK1 – (Cover) : Hat: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Jacket: Dismero / Skirt: H&M / Tight: H&M
LOOK2 – T-Shirt: H&M / Trousers: H&M / Shoes: H&M / Scarf: H&M
LOOK3 – Blouse: H&M / Dress: H&M / Shoes: Unknown / Jacket: Dismero
LOOK4 – Blouse: H&M / Dress: H&M / Hat: H&M
LOOK5 – Flowercrown: Floriscour / Dress: H&M / Shoes: Deichmann / Blouse: Glassons
LOOK6 – Necklace: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Trousers: Dismero
LOOK7 – Hat: Depot / Top: H&M / Dress: H&M / Jeans: H&M
LOOK8 – Blouse: Zara / Jeans: Mango / Necklace: H&M / Belt: Orsay
LOOK9 – Hat: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Jacket: Dismero / Skirt: H&M / Tight: H&M / Belt: Orsay
LOOK10 – Top: H&M / Dress: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Deichmann
LOOK11 – Hat: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Jacket: Dismero / Skirt: H&M / Tight: H&M / Belt: Orsay

Farm Day - Editorial _Big_1_Cover
Farm Day - Editorial_Big2

My name is Sarah Rinne, I´m a photographer specialized in fashion/people & food. I come from Germany where I did also this interesting farm editorial. After several fashion and food photo shootings in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand, I came back to Germany for a little while and planned this idyllic fashion photo project. In the North of Germany are many different farms. I just had a walk one day, saw this beautiful farm and started to organize everything that I need for this photo shooting. I went shopping for the clothes and organized the amazing Vanessa Beine as my model and the very talented hair & makeup stylist Sabeena Dias from Hamburg.

So they came over and we had a really cold and windy day, but we were a great team and created a lot of nice photos. We went to the chicken farm which included some horses and a hay shed. Additionally, I had the big luck that the father of my fiance had an awesome rustic tractor in his shed. It was an oldtimer tractor in American style. I tried to combine farm and gardening in my editorial. This theme was very close to my heart because I love the nature and natural things in life. This is the reason why I specialized in outdoor and not in studio photography. I´m always totally impressed by the beauty of nature and the sceneries are absolutely stunning. The nature scenery inspired me a lot and I get always ideas from just watching the environment. To work outside raise my creativity. It is never boring because every country has his own plants, flowers, and beaches. I love to work outside in the fresh air and just go with the float.

I also try to tell a little story in my editorials and try to give you a feeling of how it is to live on there. This farm editorial shows a girl from a farm and her life there. She feed chickens early in the morning, has to tidy up the hay shed and like to ride on her horse. She loves flower fields and like the rustic farm life. She is tough and doesn’t mind to make her hands dirty. She is an environmentalist and loves the different seasons of the year. She is a Freebird and knows what she wants. She doesn’t want to live in a big city, she doesn’t want it stressful and she doesn’t want her life in a rich way. She is happy with what she has and can look forward to little things in life.
I choose clothes in natural colors because I love it when the colors merge. I make always sure that the colors of the clothes are matching together with the environment and also suitable to the theme of the editorial. For me, it is important that the overall picture is harmonized.


Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
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