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Fashion Editorial: Fall For Floral

Fashion Editorial: Fall For Floral


The season of autumn has reached us, which means it’s time for the beautiful earthy colors, and warmer fashion. A darker, deeper, earthly based colour pallet provide the feeling of entering a nostalgic season while being tied together with floral prints. The outfits within the photos have a more wistfulness feel to them achieving a fall look for the season. A retro wind jacket with subtle floral designs adds that perfect touch of edge and matches with the long floral skirt that flows to add an elegant feel to the theme of the outfit. Also pairing the wind jacket giving a softer feel with the flower design with a pair of black leather skinnies gives the warmth and darker touch to aid the theme of autumn. The jacket being paired with both kinds of outfits gives versatility as well to the shoot, becoming one of the main focuses of the photos.

Prints within an outfit usually try to make a bold statement, while for these outfits, they bring a softer, more whimsical mood while standing out just the right amount, bringing the whole fall theme together. The soft floral print touch is keeping in the spirits of warm bright weather as to preparing for the deep of winter, and also providing a peaceful and sentimental mood.

The shooting date was though soft and beautiful in the photos, was actually quite windy. The conditions were cooler than expected, but they gave an advantage to the theme that was wished to be achieved. The overcast gave a softer light within the field to match the reminiscent mood of the photo shoot, putting more focus on the model’s clothing. Even though both of the photographer and models were only able to stand the elements for moments at a time, they achieved in taking beautiful shots. The wind helped with the movement of the hair and clothing to getting fall weather effect, as did the colours of the field and hay bales. The shoot ended up being gorgeous using the outside elements.

The makeup achieved was a NARS glossy eye look added with the tint of rose gold on the eyes and nails to tie in the nostalgic feel. The eyes pop the most on the face with their gloss and eyeshadow that give a hint of “soft drama” to the photo shoot. The colour of the face is subtle but graceful to complete the peaceful theme of fall.

The hair has a dewier wet that is slicked back to not take away from the beauty of the outfits and makeup, while it has a more bedhead effect within the beauty shots to five a subdued edge as it keeps the elegance of the look. The more wet look for hair is fashionable within the industry right now, and it ties these looks together quite splendidly.

The overall hair and makeup keep the reminiscence of the shoot while being unique in their beauty looks. Adding a small pink peony ties in the rose gold colour theme and peaceful feel for the makeup shots to match with the outdoor photos, and just a fun little prop that can be versatile. The inside shots were much warmer for the team to work in. Most of the clothing pieces were from Zara. (Floral top: $99.90, white top: $49.90, floral skirt: $69.90, and the wind jacket: $179.00). The brown high-heeled boots, black boots, leather leggings, and gold jewellery and accessories were from the personal collection of the model.


Photography was done by Crystal Tsang
Makeup and Hair did by Melina Reyes Hornland
Model: Amy Dorsch (NumaModels Management)