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Fashion Editorial: Fake Tales

Fashion Editorial: Fake Tales



The editorial is inspired by the processes that combine the urban style and the anonymous beauty, which it can find it in any city , under the shadows of the buildings, a woman staring a showcase or crossing the some street, in the act of sublimation among the urban environment, owner-less, origin-less, just capturing the moment after every shot. A building corner, the curve of the hand touching the chin, a women in the city harmonized in this magnetic balance , neither repelling nor attracting but complementing each other. And the urban fashion as a meeting point. From the heart of Mexico to San Francisco, you can find The beauty in tiny moments, different latitudes, owner-less, border-less, either everywhere or nowhere. That’s why The nobody throws himself to the endless searching of those moments with his unique style.

In this editorial Fernando rdz focus in a recurrent theme, the woman’s shape among urban environments and the balance that exists between them, model and environment together, the difficult encounter led to the realization of the shot like alchemy of light. The shape and background configured every shot, like the stars, making use each other from certain different angles. Resulting in fresh images that hypnotized and evoked the city’s daily elegance. The beauty of city helps to express the purest inspiration made photography. He has a deep obsession with the colors and the black and White images as well which helps to the final result.

His most recent work develops in San Francisco California, place where he is currently living. He decided to choose downtown San Francisco, financial district to be specific because the light and essence of this place creates a special vibe. The continuous searching of new places, faces and experiences took him to met the model Veronica Boyer. Veronica B., a freelance model living in San Francisco. In addition to being a commercial, print, and fashion model, Veronica also is an actress and spokes-model. he quickly became a fresh new face in the local scene, with her ability to emote a wide age range, she has been consistently booking jobs. Her reputation for being reliable, hard-working, and pleasant to work with have helped her establish herself as a professional model. Now at 19, she continues to build her book and is currently looking to expand her reach in print, editorial, and commercial work.

A Fashion Stylist is one of the most popular emerging professions in the fashion world globally, for this shooting the girl styling was Amanda Sengvahnphen, she has an online vintage fashion shop named MANGD. After launching MANGDA, she wanted to explore and dive further into the fashion world in a way I found interesting, artistic, and to promote vintage fashion mainly for ethical reasons (not supporting sweatshops, landfills, etc.) Amanda loves to style clothes in an intuitive and eclectic way with a modern feel. All of the clothing and accessories are vintage, either from her shop or her personal pieces. The other vital part of the team was Ryli Hennessy who was in charge of the Make up, she could find the right balance between the vintage and modernity. Smokey eyes and soft lips color was the key for the make up. Through different process and styles the whole team could create and express a very unique style.


  • Look1 – The colored floral dress: Louie Vuitton with 90s clear avant-garde wedge heels, vintage clear costume earrings, 90s Betsy Johnson watch, vintage colorful bangles
  • Look 2 – Sheer black floral 70s wrap dress by Bobbys Girl with vintage platforms and vintage earrings
  • Look 3 – Vintage 90s faux fur jacket, 90s maxi skirt and black abstract sheer top, 70s platform shoes, vintage accessories