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Fashion Editorial: FAIRYFICENT

Fashion Editorial: FAIRYFICENT


Once upon a time, there was a fairy (…as all fairy tales start) and she lived in the Carpathian mountains, a place in Romania more widely known to the world as Transylvania, which is where Dracula once lived in the 15th century. Oh yeah, that’s a whole other tale/myth, but no need to there as way too many movies have been made about him so we’ll focus on our fairy for today. What is so unique about this place on Earth is that somehow fairy tales become real and fairies live magnificent lives in perfect harmony with nature. You don’t believe me? Just continue reading before glancing at the pictures! Oops…too late…you already took a glance before you even started reading this text.

This enchanting place includes the “Carpathian Garden” and if you believe in fairy tales then close your eyes for just a moment and you’ll be able to see what we see. Your journey will be guided by Roxana, a fairy herself. She has all the proper certification of a fairy and also holds the title of Miss Universe Romania 2013. As you travel along the Carpathian Mountains to an area named Busteni, you will see a small river flowing alongside ancient trees and massive rockswhere fairies descend to rest their wings and to be captured by the lends of a very talented young Romanian fashion photographer, named Tudor Belei.

Now, please open your eyes for a few moments. Since none of the fairy tale book publishers ever give credit to the makeup artists who make the fairies look so beautiful, we need to take a commercial break from our story line and mention the talented Adela Manolache. In her own dream about fairy tales from a couple of months ago, she was playing in a river while wearing various elegant evening dresses. She was imagining the natural flow of time and the natural fluidity of water as it touches select clothing materials. When she shared her dream with the team, everyone immediately accepted the challenge and the planning began right away.

One of the most important steps of the shoot was certainly the choice of the location. As Romania offers a variety of beautiful landscapes one can find it difficult to select the perfect place, but we found the that perfect place in the mountain resort of Busteni, located in Prahova Valley which is part of the Carpathians mountains. Next step was choosing the outfits and the most natural makeup to go with each of them. Since this is a story that must fit the current trends of fashion, we focused our attention on finding the suitable dressings. Initially we tried to find a series of evening dresses to keep Adela’s original idea, but in our quest we met a young designer who is a recent graduate of the University of Arts in Bucharest. Constanta Balaban had recently presented her collection during her final graduation show, which was coordinated by our team. As soon as welooked at her creation we realized that it was exactly what we were looking for. Her body suits worked in haute couture standards, delicate and rare materials combined with lace and silk woven tops, veil mantles natural and cashmere knitting and fine dresses tulle lace applications and beads. As we were trying not to abandon the concept of time fluidity, we chose an evening dress simply by its cuts, but due to its spectacular fine details and naturally, the quality of the material. This particular dress is signed by another young Romanian designer, Ava Precub.

Selecting the model was quite simple as we needed a fairy that looked as natural as possible. Just look at her silky face, natural curly hair and the elegant demeanor portrayed in all the cartoon books about fairies. Roxana was chosen out of thousands of young ladies from Romania to represent her native land in front of over 1 billion viewers who watched the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. MUR model management exclusively represents Roxana as her mother agency whether it’s for direct bookings for just fairy tale books for young aspiring models reading this magazine just now J

Tudor Belei is a young fashion photographer, but who has an extensive background in outdoor productions. This project was particularity of interest to him as it wasn’t just another fashion shoot with all the usual settings and he allowed himself to be captivated by his lens to create the “real” story of a “true” Carpathian Fairy.

We now return to our original story…and allow you to admire the pictures through a different lens, now that you absorbed the behind the scenes characters involved in the creation of the story as well as a few details about the fairy herself…

Story line by: Valentina Ionescu who never believed in fairy tales….well, not until now as she is always too busy running MUR model management and discovering the next top model.

Photographer: Tudor Belei
Model: Roxana ( Miss Universe Romania 2013 )
Make-up & styling: Adela Manolache
Clothes: Ava Precub, Constanta Balaban
Article by Valentina Ionescu

IMG_1-Bodysuit: 165$, Cloak: 120$
both by Constanta Balaban
IMG_2-Bodysuit: 180$, Head piece: 9,99$
both by Constanta Balaban
IMG_3-Bodysuit with cloak: 105$
by Constanta Balaban
IMG_4-Dress: 45$, Briefs: 60$
both by Constanta Balaban
IMG_5-Briefs: 48$, Top: 60$, Cardigan: 54$
all by Constanta Balaban
IMG_6-Gown: 360$
by Ava Precub
IMG_7-Bodysuit: 135$
by Constanta Balaban