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Fashion Editorial: Escape

Fashion Editorial: Escape


This collaboration came together almost by accident. I was scrolling through my social media and came across a gorgeous black dress that I just knew I had to model. After getting in touch with the designer, I came to find out that not only are they based in Toronto and LA but that they were completely ‘ok’ with letting me model a few of their styles from their collection. LBD Fashion is a new online boutique with a focus on the perfect little black dress!

This is, as any model can tell you, an absolute dream come true when a designer can not only envision you in their garments but is as excited as you are about making it happen. LBD Fashion opened their doors to me and we got to choose from bodycons to gowns and everything in between for the shoot. The sky was truly the limit. Such a generous designer with such amazing positive energy, it was almost too easy to model their fabulous dresses.

I love my city and I love all the opportunities it has given me in the modeling industry. I love to endorse local- be designers, photographers, makeup artists. I love how we all come together to create something magical for others to enjoy.

My main photographer, a true artist in her field and a wonderful person to work with is Niko (known on Instagram as @niko_artphotography). She is just a breath of fresh air when you meet her. She’s tall, gorgeous and has this incredible mass of hair. She is a wonderful soul. She is a true craftswoman in her field. She knows how to make you comfortable so that you just easily move into natural poses. She knows how to get the shot. She knows how to capture not only a person’s beauty but also how to capture an editorial shot for the client.

It was so easy to shoot this editorial. All the elements were in place. Location was picture perfect. The photographer was on point and the garments were just so luxurious and felt amazing against my skin. You tell the quality in each dress.

I imagined that I was a modern day ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ lost in a deserted forest however I wasn’t dressed in red and I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t trying to get to grandma’s house either. Nope, I was none of that. I was instead a powerful and confident woman in that forest. I felt secure in myself and in my surroundings. I was enjoying my solitude and felt empowered by it. As I was modeling, I envisioned myself belonging in that forest and just being one with all of nature around me.

Life has thrown me many curves these days as I continue my modeling journey. I am not your typical model by any stretch of the imagination however, when I’m in front of the camera you would never guess that I am short or that I am 42 years young. That’s what I love about this industry. Regardless of how “cut throat” the modeling industry is, once you’re in front of the camera, you can transform into anything you want. No one can see height, age or anything that would not make me a “typical” model. I transform into a beautiful butterfly. All the client sees are awesome images of their designs on an equally awesome model. Ultimately, is that not what should matter?

Serenity and living for the moment are concepts which I try to live my day to day. I try to have that come through in my photographs. This editorial allowed me to collaborate with a fantastic designer and an extremely talented photographer.


Photographer: Niko Artphotography
MUA: Brian Porter
Hairstylist: Jerry Aruta
Model: Monica Emanuela of Niko Model Management
Designer: LBD Fashion