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Fashion Editorial: The Return of Romanticism

Fashion Editorial: The Return of Romanticism


Photographer & Director: Viet Ha Tran
Stylist & Creative Director: Sol Delgado Sanchez
Assistant Stylist: Susana Sande
Models: Cindy Vanderpoel Astruells, Krasimira Braykova
Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists: Javier Romero, Simone Silva, Deborah Saenz Rodriguez
Photo Assistants: Roberto Rivas, Edi Calvo, Paulo Dos Santos
Assistants: José Antonio Alonso, Tino Elgner, Pablo Ramirez, Elena Martínez

From the depths of every woman´s heart, there is always a yearning for beauty and romance. No matter which era women live in, this yearning itself is the oxygen of their soul. Artists of different periods of art – from medieval time to renaissance, romanticism, impressionism to modern days always try to capture this spirit into their artistic works.

The Enchanted Garden, a photography project by Viet Ha Tran and Sol Delgado Sanchez, two artists from Madrid, tries to bring the spirit of romanticism back to our current days through the images of women. A mixture of romanticism with the world we currently live in. The pure essence, intimity and feminity of the women from the long gone era are restored through a series of nostalgic images taken in the surroundings of mother nature, romantic flowers and props.

The sense of longing for beauty and romance is beautifully pictured through the exquisite romantic and dreamy pictures. In every picture, you can find the image of a very romantic and enchanted woman who, at the same time, is sophisticated and twisted between emotions.

Viet Ha Tran – Photographer
Viet Ha, born in 1981 in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a Madrid-based Vietnamese photographer. She holds a BBA from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan and a Master in Marketing Management from a IE Business School, Madrid. Never studied art in her life but she has been inspired by many forms of art since childhood and always dreamed of becoming an artist. Instead of taking photos, Viet Ha tries to paint a world of feelings, poetry & philosophy with her camera and to transmit her own feelings, inner dreams and the way she perceives life.

Viet Ha started photography in 2013 and is a self-taught photographer. Her works have been featured in various newspapers and photography magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vietnam News, Vietnam Youth (Tuoi Tre), Vietnamese BusinessWoman, Photography MasterClass Magazine, Get Inspired Magazine, Visual Artistry Magazine etc and she has established a varied portfolio on PhotoVogue. She was the semi-finalist in the prestigious Spanish National Digital Photography Contest Canson Infinity 2013, and won Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013. In April 2014, she was invited to shoot for Vogue Italia Talents Shooting.

Sol Delgado Sanchez – Stylist
Sol Delgado, born in 1979 in Madrid, is a stylist and creative director for scenography, props and Styling from Madrid. She has a diploma in Fashion Design at IADE, Institute of Artistic Education, Madrid, and after that obtained a Master in PURE & GRAPHIC also at IADE, Institute of Artistic Education. Sol started her career in 2004.

She has worked with developing the styling, art direction, sets and props for various media publishers, audiovisual production and record companies, including: Universal Music, AR, Mundo Magazine, GQ, Glamour, Woman, Babylon Magazine, Cuarzo Producciones, El Duende etc. In addition, she has worked with a wide range of Spanish celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, and top Spanish pop singers David Bisbal and Chenoa etc.

In her works, Sol usually develops the idea & concept for the dress code and the decoration, designs scenes for the sets, and selects all parts of the props that are necessary for the designed set. Sol always looks for a harmonious dialogue between all elements in every scene: creative ideas, scenery, props and styling.

1 – Dress & Head-dress: YULIA EREMINA; Earings: CIRCA ANTIQUA, Ring: OhmyGod, Flowers: SIA
2 – Dress: LA TUA PELLE COSTURA; Gown & Head-dress: YULIA EREMINA; Necklace: OhmyGOd; Ring: SYBARITE; Flowers: SIA
3 – Dress: AMPARO CHORDÁ; Earings: CIRCA ANTIQUA; Necklace: SYBARITE; Ring: OhmyGOd; Flowers: SIA
4 – Dress: LA TUA PELLE COSTURA; Head-dress: YULIA EREMINA; Necklace: OhmyGOd; Flowers: SIA
5 – Dress, Tiara, Flower necklace & Bracelet with Golden Leaves: SYBARITE; Bracelet & Ring: ARISTOCRAZY; Flowers: SIA
6 – Dress, Tiara, Flower necklace, Bracelet with Golden Leaves: SYBARITE; Bracelet & Ring: ARISTOCRAZY; Shoes: MANOLO BLAHNIK; Flowers: SIA
7 – Dress & Tiara: CIRCA ANTIQUA; Chains, Pendant Necklace & Bracelet: ARISTOCRAZY; Ring: SYBARITE
8 – Dress: BALBINO; Shawl & Earings: CIRCA ANTIQUA: Head-dress: YULIA EREMINA; Necklace: OhmyGOd
9 – Dress: SAYAN; Skirt: GIGI VIDAL; Head-dress: YULIA EREMINA; Earings: DIVINA LOCURA; Necklace: OhmyGOd; Ring: ARISTOCRAZY; Shoes: CHOCOLAT D´OR

10 – Necklace, blouse & brooch: SYBARITE; Skirt: PEPE BOTELLA; Sash: MIGUEL PALACIO; Flowers : SIA
11 – Dress and dress coat: GIGI VIDAL; Necklace: SYBARITE; Bracelet: OhmyGOd; Shoes: MANOLO BLANHIK; Flowers : SIA
12 – Dress: AVALON SAEZ; Brooch: OhmyGOd, Rings: ARISTOCRAZY