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Fashion Editorial: ELEMENTS

Fashion Editorial: ELEMENTS



Photograph: Juan Chu
Model: Carmen Berbis
Make-up and hairstyling: Lucía Martínez
Designer: María Lafuente
Boots: Cuplé – Heels: Mary Paz
Collaborator: Promodelia Showroom

I use the term element, to the place where converge the things we like to do and the things we are given especially well. I think it’s imperative that each of us will find their own “element”, not only because we will feel more fulfilled, but because as the world evolves, the future of our communities depend on it. Ken Robinson. The element. It is not what I do, is what I am. This is what speaks to my being more authentic.

I take as my inspiration the philosophy of the element and try to build from the use of my knowledge, my dreams and my ideas to reflect in each photograph the soul of a model and the spirit of the designer, without leaving behind the art of make-up artist, all these things are full of creativity that we call “element” that together give itself a final product full of inspiration and dedication for anyone who appreciates fashion.

The fashion concept is a definite word abstract, formless, faceless and any composition, patiently waiting your help to get to become the true reality. The pompous and dazzling world of fashion is not anything without you. Give back life to the clothes that lie inert in the wardrobe of your room in your bosom welcoming them and feeling them close, very close.

This session inspired reflect trends our current and cutting-edge fashion, continuous with the modern styles that inspire a photographer to see each design that reinvents itself every day in the world of fashion.