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Fashion Editorial – Elegance in Waiting

Fashion Editorial – Elegance in Waiting


Photographer & Creative Director: Luca Giorgio @immortalmask
Model: Jessica Witkowski @jesswitkowski – Fenton Models
MUA: Cindy Brochu @cindybxox
Wardrobe: Dress – Delpozo
Bathing suit – Shan
White top – Ann Demeulemeester

About Luca Giorgio
Canadian artist Luca Giorgio was drawn to the world of photography not by a fascination with cameras but by the intoxicating lifestyle of high-end fashion and the ability to produce art through movement and people. After attaining a business degree with a focus in Marketing, Luca traveled to Beverly Hills and Europe. He was intrigued by the brief connection he was able to make with every single model he worked with. Truth be told, every female model he worked with almost felt as if he was having a deep connection with the model as if the model would lower their guard and show their true self.

“I started taking pictures of the best models possible, even well before I connected with World Class agencies; I circled the globe to cities such as New York, Miami, & Los Angeles photographing Beautiful Women and for a living.
Luca soon developed a style all his own. “ I always look for a confident subject, with something unique and striking in their eyes, someone who enjoys the artistic process as much as I do so the powerful determination from us both helps create the masterpiece.”

Something he does that is not so common for photographers is working with extreme color pallets. “ Most artists are afraid to manipulate color, black and white are boring to me, it’s too amateur, and to common. Working as a digital artist, the basic steps we take is to grayscale everything – but you are only a master when you can work in the dimension of color. Color truly moves the eyes, and using it in the right away can make a subject pop like you have never seen before. After all, our job is to be unique and engaging with viewers.”

Luca Prepares meticulously for his shoots but only uses mood boards as a minor guide. He likes to vibe with the energy of the subject to better the original concept and stay in the moment sculpting better imagery. ”Once I’m on set, my eyes are open, I’m at the moment and the adventure begins.”

The story and inspiration behind the looks were to capture the essence of an elegant female waiting for her man, but at the same time acting as if she really was disinterested because she needed to wait so long. This is something that happens quite often in the real world but rarely do I ever hear women openly talk about it. Usually the male or female of a relationship is either poor with time management, a social butterfly or a people pleaser. This often keeps their significant loved one waiting around at some public event. I took the scenario of a formal event and had my model act accordingly to simulate the situation.

Difficulties of this Project
Challenges for the full-length dress is obvious, anytime a model is wearing heels and trying to comfortably sit on a soft surface such as a couch, it proves to be thought-provoking with how to keep the model comfortable and not awkward. I wanted this image to have a clean and simple backdrop so keeping the use of the brown couch and giant wall clock played a big role. I used them to push the red color of the dress forward to the viewer and have the facial expressions be more noticed.

Working with Lush bath bombs turned out to be a huge flop as the concentration of the contents did not create a silky water once the tub was full. Our solution was using a thick coffee creamer mixed with warm water. I know what you are thinking, a girl in watery coffee creamer? It works though!

The challenge for the bathtub scene was to have enough contrast between the water and the body to create an elegant soft silhouette while making sure the model did not look amputated or irregular while keeping the same visual feeling of the other 2 outfits. Getting the right angle when working in a bathroom can be a nightmare. There’s little space, so I was balanced on a tall chair while being held by a friend of mine and ensuring the camera was totally parallel to the model from the aerial view.

FASHION EDITORIAL – Elegance in Waiting

Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each