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Fashion Editorial: Dreamland

Fashion Editorial: Dreamland


Photographer: Yana Uvarova
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Shaena Morris
Female Model: Ashley Taylor @posche
Fashion Designer: Jonathan Miranda

This series is imperfect perfection. A compilation of Natural beauty and natural flaw coming together to create reality.

We’ve entered an age where orthodox ideas of fashion have merged with surrealism. Fashion Designer Jason Miranda captures this mood in his 2017 collection. When asked about the inspiration behind the textures, colors and materials used he says

“There really wasn’t any crazy inspiration… I like the idea of feminizing something sporty and adding couture elegance. Something as unconventional as a window screen that’s used to keep insects out of your house can be embellished and converted into wearable fashion. A bias-cut mikado dress under window vinyl makes for an interesting contrast.”

This growing trend (or common sense) of merging the gap between fashion and art is growing on so many levels. No longer is the starving artist striving for a voice. We’ve become more qualified through our passions like never before and therefore only bring quality in the form of expression. As a society of people who crave indifference but also believe looking our best is the key antidote in Becoming our best future selves, we’ve become determined on being more of who we are and less of everything else.

The art of capturing the right shot in fashion photography has spiraled into a division in the industry. There are photographers who look for a literal perfect editorial piece, with the perfect model doing perfect things all the time. Yana is in another category of photographers whose risqué angles, and choice of esthetic is unrehearsed every time. As a creative director and photographer her expertise is key;

“Even a photoshoot is a challenge. For models, it’s a challenge to become who they are not. For clients, it’s a challenge to explain what they want and to trust a photographer. For me, the challenge is to create a new world and take everyone there with me.”

From a small town in Russia called Voronezh to the present to bringing something different to America’s visual arts. Yana’s goal in this industry is to set it free of limitations without a care for public opinion. This collaboration was right on point as two minds come together to create the perfect dreamland.

Dreamland 11


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