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Fashion Editorial: DOLL FACE

Fashion Editorial: DOLL FACE


Photography and imaginative edits by Brett Ferguson
Wigs and Hair and original concept by Helen Thomson
Makeup by Courtney Homer
Modeling Courtney homer
Styling by Helen Thomson, Courtney Homer and Susan Reynolds (Homer).

Red Tulle Skirt: by True Decadence
Merry Prankster (Rainbow Dress): by Current Mood
Peace and Love Choker: Suzywan Deluxe X Dollskill
Silver 80s platform shoes by ASOS
Pink Ensemble including huge hoop skirt (the Scarlet O’Hara Hoop) from Rose Chong of Fitzroy)

The doll.. for some a treasured toy for others in varying degrees the doll is a creepy concept; an effigy with soulless eyes …the closest thing to the living dead. Potentially the sight of dolls conjures the idea of a possessed object. This shoot explores the real and unreal realms of the human doll and the ordinary toy doll and artistic possibilities.

It was initially decided by Stylist and Hair designer Helen to explore the porcelain skin of the model and work on a doll-like face. Various “pins” were discussed between group members. Each group member had input with various elements until the eventual shooting. Editing and photography took the shape of the horror scale of the doll and environments from the creativity of the photographer.

Additionally, aspects explored were themes of fashion, mood, beauty and the also the significance of psychological conditions and fears. The torment some people experience is called Pediophobia; a fear of mannequins as well as dolls in varying degrees. Interpreted by Photographer Brett Ferguson in the imaginative porcelain doll edits. Influences on group members Stylist Helen and photographer Brett were Tim Walker, Lindsey Wixon; namely a giant doll within a dollhouse image. The resonating normality of urban life and the eventual juxtaposition of elements of the imagination are invented to challenge the viewer.

The porcelain doll is not so endearing as the images progress and it becomes more and more unsettling. The quote by Stephen King we agreed significant to this piece “Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions” and so leads us into the whole world of people with claims of possessed dolls. This phenomenon has been around since ancient times and still exists in voodoo practice. A coincidence to the exploring of this theme now showing in cinema is the movie “Annabelle” a horror-themed film exploring the story of the alleged possession of a doll by that name. The real doll; looks more like a Raggedy Ann-style doll thought to be possessed by evil is encased so as to not enact its eerie goings-on.

The additional theme of striving to emulate to be perfect and doll-like is very real in this modern world….beware of what you wish for and what melancholy this brings; as what is perfection? Ageing and decay is our eventual fate like it or not…..our vessels which carry us on life’s journey we know are certain to give up in time.

This series starts as a wondrous playful exploration of happy fashion colors and rainbow designs. Bright hues are amplified against the stark white background creating a color spectacle. Here we see the beauty of the “human doll.” The brightness of the color is diminished in importance as we see the growing sadness of the doll. The eeriness of the domestic dwelling seems familiar but has been exposed and aged with the inventive green patina of the walls. The images take us on the journey into a psychological play of ideas.

The doll once held close by model Courtney becomes awkwardly held in another shot. She grows and usurps the authority of the human resulting in the doll physically kicking her human friend. Is Courtney’s flesh and blood presents a threat to the doll? The facial expressions of the model grow in desperation.

In the darker realm, Courtney doll looks fearful; she’s still of this world but there is spooky goings-on. Culminating in the intense depression and message of displacement in the final image as the human doll questions Faith and it’s futility in the face of all hopelessness. On the brink of the next world in this barren desolate space with no creature comforts; there is always the thought that you can “Trust in the Lord” ….Perhaps somewhere I have taken his name in vain as I don’t think this seems like it’s going to end well.

Editors verse
“Traversing the room, catching the Rustic beaded eye; its glint startles, a quickened heartbeat in my chest is a surety. Brief reflecting now on what I know to be true, yet the thing is breathing and as sure as night and day; if I felt the pulse on that thing it would be as steadfast as hell.

Poltergeist! This b….tch of a doll is getting bossy throwing its weight around; it’s grown tenfold since we started this shoot and I thought these porcelain dolls were nice…..Even baby-faced murderers pulled the wool over the eyes of their victims I’m thinking; with that pretty face if I get drawn into its charm I fear there hides a fool’s paradise”

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