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Fashion Editorial – Divorce

Fashion Editorial – Divorce


Photographer – Viktoria Popova @viktoriya_popova_foto
Model – Viktoria Nesterova @vikiii.makeup
Makeup Artist & Creative Director – Marina Bobina @bobina.mua
Hair – Tatyana Vasilyeva @tanusha_stylist_sochi
Accessories – Ksenia Gafurova @kseniiagafurova
Dress – Sincerety Bridal
Location – abandoned sanatorium “Georgia” in the city of Gagra, Abkhazia

Good afternoon! We are incredibly happy to be a part of your magazine and we are honored that you will publish our series of photos, which has invested a lot of energy, idea and love! I want to start by saying that this series is not a simple banal photo shoot. This idea has been with me for several months and it has been asking for a long time. The idea of what we carry from childhood to adulthood.

My mom died of cancer when I was 26 years old. It was this difficult moment that I expressed in shooting. I saw all this in the bride, who exists, as it were, in two worlds. There was a point when she was happy, beautiful and loved. But then there was a point of no return. And between them – a whole life.

The relationship of my parents was not easy and it left a huge imprint on my whole life. It took many years before I realized that relationships are for love and harmony, not suffering. At the moment when they were fighting, they were not happy, when my mother was crying, and at the moment when they were getting divorced, my world collapsed. I just didn’t understand what was happening, but it hurt a lot. Even now I am writing this article, and there are tears in my eyes. Over time, I learned to treat my childhood with gratitude. I learned from there a lot of lessons that made me who I am now. But how long did it take ?! Not enough. Now I’m 36. And by showing the world through this filming my personal experiences, perhaps I will be useful to someone. Someone will share these feelings with me in the same way and it will become easier for him. And it’s even better if you realize now that in life you should choose only happy moments. Finding something for yourself every day that makes you feel good. And easily say goodbye to what doesn’t suit you.

Three years ago, having been in a serious accident, I began to rethink my path. I realized that I was living with the wrong person and that I was not doing what I loved. And at that moment, the art of makeup came to me. As a child, I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I watched many shows and sewed dolls all the time. Now I understand that this is a love of fashion, but it is different. She is part of my filming. Almost immediately, I wanted to create something of my own, to express the feelings that live in me.

We found a stunningly beautiful wedding dress by designer Justin Alexander that fit this concept very well. Our hair stylist and accessories designer created the image of a real bride and we were ready to shoot with a full machine of props. In the sanatorium, such a huge and empty space was both exciting and a little scary. But insanely beautiful! These huge vaults, stairs, columns and stained glass windows combined with a delicate, beautiful model gave an amazing result! It seems to me that everything that is created in contrast takes place for perfection. First, the most beautiful shots were shot, then, according to the plan, the dress had to be stained and torn. This is also a special moment for the release of emotions! In the photo, where the bride sits on the floor and reaches out to herself beautiful – this is her memory. There is also
a frame with a door and a mirror – this symbolizes a parallel world. In general, every photo has a message.

Our main message is to love, live and take care of the world of your children. After all, for a child, mom and dad are a whole WORLD. Love yourself first and then your children will be happy, because they are our reflection. You have no idea how important it is to me that your magazine gives me the opportunity to express myself, my thoughts and creativity! Thank you very much!


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