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Fashion Editorial: Dark Side

Fashion Editorial: Dark Side


For this series, the objective was to realize a photo set based only on the black. We worked simply on this question of playing with black clothes. For that, we are interested on visual clothes styles and we concentrated on various versions of materials (lace, leather, velour, net, silk muslin, satin). It was also necessary to work at the same time on the opacity, the texture or still the transparency of several materials. This work and all the assembly was be realized by Mathilde Brichet which assures at the same time stylist photo statute : choice of clothes, accessories (earrings, ring, Necklace) but which is also responsible the creation of all the parts : skirt, pants and lingerie. Mathilde has an enormous potential because she work at the same time clothes but also, and it’s very particular, she realize the sublime the whole lingerie

For all the make-up conception, we have work before the shooting to find the just colors for this set. We wished to work on the evolution of 3 make-up. We wanted have dominant colors (copper-colored, plum color, nudes color) but we have always keep every time the golden color. The work was to be subtle to keep one truth coherence on the make-up. Rika Bitton perfectly managed to answer my waits. She made a beautiful work at the same time for the make-up and also for the hairstyle. The idea of the crown of flower has very great. This crown brings original touch to the general atmosphere of the set and create harmony between all the photos.

I wished make an real set for photos and not only a simple clothes pictures put end to end. It was necessary to compose the photos like boards with different point of view (close-up, medium shot, wide plan). This is for this reason that the evolution of dresses is very important. We have start this all the most important dresses (skirt / pants) to finish on the lingerie (bodysuit). This is like a story.

The attitude of the model was also very important. I was waiting to woman with a real potential. She was be has time strong and sensual. I take my time to select the model because I had a very precise idea of the woman which I looked for. I turned towards Jana Hernette for find this person. Jana proposed me several girls and I chosen Soana. She brings all that I wanted. She understands exactly my waiting for this character with all the attitudes and poses.

I opted to realize at the same time several postures. I used up and sit down poses for change the point of view. I used also an pure scene, simply a grey bottom and a black stool. It was necessary to emphasize dresses and the model without complex decoration. The simplicity was the key word.

The selection of photos was very delicate. I don’t have the same pose with all the dresses. Each dress want to be its own attitude for create the story. After the photos choice, it was necessary to make a post prod work. One ,for work on the color and find a real style for the set. Two, for manage to highlight all the blacks nuances for all clothes.

In the final, I am really very happy of the result, the team make a wonderful work on this project. Each persons bring very good ideas to make this project and the result is very great. These photos are the work of a real collective work and this is why I am once again anxious to thank them. I am very proud of the result which corresponds exactly to what I wanted.

Photographer: David Salou
Model: soana@janahernette modelscouting
Make-up/Hair: Rika Bitton
Stylist/Clothes: Mathilde Brichet