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Fashion Editorial: Dark Side

Fashion Editorial: Dark Side


Photographer: Jamais Vu @jamaisvuphotography
Art Director & Stylist: Danielle Leigh Davis @danielle_leigh_davis
Hair: David Evans for TONI&GUY using TIGI Haircare
Make-up: Maddy Skinner for TONI&GUY using TIGI Makeup
Model: Thais Stephanie @thaisdlima1 with @rctalent
Model: Nicole Castillo @nicole_castillo with@wundermanagement

Dress: by DLD Designs
Jewelry: by Dark Side Couture
Shoes: Shiekh
Leggings: Vixen Obscure
Neon Glove: Rave World
Latex Gloves: Dead Lotus Couture
Hair: TONI&GUY using TIGI Haircare
Make-Up: TONI&GUY using TIGI Makeup

The Dark Side (fashion editorial)…original came from a story concept idea that I had for a web series. I wanted to ask the question, “What would happen, if I mixed the sci-fi geek culture with a rock n roll fashionista” (a.k.a “Star Wars vs. Mean Girls”)? Over the past 2 years…I’ve seen so many star wars lines, but I didn’t see anyone do real rock line yet. So I then decided to use that concept instead for a high fashion shoot and I ran with it.

I broke the shoot down into 5 categories…Goth for Darth Vader, Punk for Sith, Rockabilly for the Storm Trooper, Futuristic Glam for the Droids and Raver for the Jedi’s. Once I knew looks that I wanted, I then created art direction/mood boards (for Photography Lighting, Styling, Hair and Make-up). I approached the shoot like a movie, I wanted to create a characters for a story, not just a model posing in clothes. So I knew, that I needed to find a good team…in order to make my vision a reality.

I went with Jamais Vu for photographer. Because the 2 things that I knew that I wanted, in this shoot …were DJ color lights and fog machine smoke. Jamais is very good with visual effect photography, working with models and color lighting (therefore it made shoot run smoothly). And overall, he did a great job technically (achieving the look that I wanted). This useful post from TopReviewZone about fog machine was the best guide to buy the best fog machine.

As for Make-up and Hair, I went with Toni & Guy (David Evans on Hair and Maddie Skinner on Make-up). Both David and Maddie worked great together. They created wonderful hair and make-up looks that went perfect with the styling. When it then came to the models, I went with Thais Stephanie and Nicole Castillo. I knew that I wanted a blonde and brunette for contrasting looks. Both girls were great, they showed diversity and a lot of spirit (willing to try anything and have fun doing it).

Which then leads us to Art Direction, Coordinating and Styling (that was my area of expertise). I was responsible for the overall look of shoot and the shoot itself. From concept design-mood boards, to location scouting, picking crew-models, creating the looks for the shoot and finding the lighting equipment that we needed. Some days it was little stressful. When you do creative shoots…they are a labor of love. Because you are working with limited budget, juggling so many hats and trying lock a date with people’s conflicting schedules. It’s enough to turn you to the “Dark Side”…haha.

But overall, I was very happy with editorial that we did. When you do shoots in general…you never know, if they are going turn out the way you hoped or imagined them to be. But personally, I feel satisfied. I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do, by creating a shoot that combines (High Fashion, Rock n Roll and Star Wars all together). Fashion is not easy as it looks, but it is rewarding and can be fun…especially when you are doing something that you love.