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Fashion Editorial: Dark Chocolate

Fashion Editorial: Dark Chocolate


Ash Sharma is a software engineer by profession but Photography is his passion. He currently resides in Massachusetts, USA. I consider photography as an art i.e. fluid action that tells a story. The Dark Chocolate is a completely vintage inspired theme that is modern, simple, feminine, minimalist and beautiful. I really enjoyed capturing these images because it has given me the opportunity to share in people’s most special moments of old style looks in the modern times.

Though it might help recall specific moments in one’s life, it also calls upon the reassessment of old times. My idea for beauty images was to keep it as simple as possible with the pinch of sublime mood and elegance. My objective was to make a series of credible and real looking vintage style images which had a lifestyle feel to them with the good styling. It was all a bit of fun and challenge to see if it was possible to create these retro style images that didn’t look cliche or a typical representation of themes that usually gets produced of that era in this modern day.These style photos remained in the memories for ever telling some beautiful and cherish times to remember forever,so this theme is always famous and everyone wants to capture or create something unique to be framed forever. My inspiration of this ‘Dark Chocolate’ theme and idea came from travel and music, mainly music which had a slightly melancholic ambiance of retro sounds. I also drew a lot of inspiration from looking at old American illustrated movie posters.

I wanted to create a distinctive aesthetic by imitating styling from the past. There aren’t antique photos but is consciously derivative of trends, attitudes and fashions. I began to take the pictures of this beautiful model and believed that within every photo there are multitude of layers that exist whether it’s the eyes, the body language or the overwhelming joy and love expressed tells a multitude of things about the particular moment. I tried to accomplish and understand how lighting and posing created a magnificent effect on the model. With women, one tried to bring out the female form. The head was turned for the facial lighting pattern I was seeking. Broad lighting, shooting from the main light side reveals the side of the illuminated head plus the entire mask of the face. I wanted to create an assertive,powerful image of the woman and the key factors like frame,lighting,pose and expression suited the images in an appropriate manner. I believe planning is the most important part for a photo-shoot.

It took me a couple of weeks to come up with the inspirational board. The goal of the shoot was to produce beauty and editorial images. So,it took me a while to brainstorm makeup artist ,hairstylist and model about the concept. The day before the shoot, I always make sure that I have everything ready for the next morning. With the great team collaboration, we were able to execute the concept and capture some beautiful images. I usually create a story telling medium through a sequence, a series or an entire portfolio. Overall,it was a lovely experience and we could generate some majestic and fantastic images better than I could have imagined.


Photographer – Ash Sharma, http://www.ashsharma.photography/
Model – Priscilla Ndikwani @ Maggie Inc.
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist – Maria Cristina Ochoa, http:// www.mariacristinaochoa.com/
Styling – Maria Cristina Ochoa