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Fashion Editorial: No Curtains

Fashion Editorial: No Curtains


Rita Lynn (@rita_machinegun_lynn)
Devi Bathore (@withmortalpangs)
Brandon Carter (@brandon_cart3r)
Daniil Glekin (@glekin )
David Werhi ( @100g5)
Emanuel Nash (@emanuel_nash)
Svetlana Khalfieva (@svetlantchik)
Gio Delavicci (https://www.facebook.com/gio.delavicci)

Photographer: Ynadphoto http://www.ynadphoto.com/
Designer: Ev Bessar http://www.evbessar.com/ @evbessar
Jewelry: SibillaGold http://www.sibillag.com/ @sibillagjewelry
Gene Davidov http://davidovdesign.com/ @gene_davidov)
MUA: Torrop Singanipar http://www.torratymakeup.com/ @torratymakeup)
Meg Kashimura https://www.facebook.com/megumi.kashimura.5?fref=ts
Hair: Julie Demid (@juliedemid)
Andy Tseng https://www.facebook.com/andy.thehairstylist?fref=ts
Poetry Ev Bessar (@evbessar)

Ev Bessar is a fashion designer and philanthropist. The designer label is supporting a charity organization HeartED Inc. We are aiming to save children with congenital heart disease and brighten up their lives through Art therapy and healing.

Originally born and raised in Russia, Ev earned Masters in linguistics and Bachelors in Finance while having a dream to open a theater for orphans. With that dream in mind, she began to explore the world of costumery. In 2011, Ev moved to New York to further her pursuits in design and realize her full potential at Parsons.

As an up-and-coming NYC fashion designer, Ev Bessar is not just a label. She started showcasing at NYFW in 2014, and her work has been featured in various publications and blogs, as well as displayed at three Parsons’ exhibitions. While collaborating with charity organizations, Ev Bessar is working on building her own Art program for children, having personally experienced that a CHD diagnose can be a death statement for an underprivileged child.

Ev is known for using raw textures to create an expressive feel, unleashing a deeper sense of the inner self. She has focused on molecular connections of shapes in nature, constellation of threads depicting an experience, idea, or thought; freedom of judgments, accent on desires and interactions. Expressing a sense of self as a human being exuding nostalgia and teleology. With personally curated materials and textures, her unique design aesthetic mirrors the surrounding world through inner self.

Ev’s designs portray complexity in the form of creating fabric, using various techniques, treatments and manipulation. She is consistently researching and experimenting with new ways to reiterate the established approaches in her line, her designs often make use of monochrome color schemes.

No Curtains
At the reins of ulcers in a swamp, only a scalpel is a treat,
tenderly massaging greasy nails and tails.
Frogs hatch flowers when stars start blooming under feet.
If later, won’t have enough hope on the scales.
Dragonflies gather to the smell of rotten apples,
trying to defend their burden gnawed to shreds.
If they devour the fruits nibbling to brain chapel,
they will tie memory with thick elastic threads.
If saving dragonflies in severe frost,
they will continue buzzing
But what do frogs keep their ghosts
for: friendship or service?
I don’t get it.
Idle swamp dwellers, not tolerating blame and disapproval,
suck feelings.
It is time to be saved by a swallow, but how do I become
a Thumbelina?