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Fashion Editorial: Colorful Photos

Fashion Editorial: Colorful Photos



Makeup by Edina Csvercskó
Photo by: Szilvia Mohácsi Photographer
Hair: Ernszt Mercédesz
Stylist: Wanda Huszlicska
Model: Sheri Cappu Cino

About two years ago I began to learn the world of SLR photography. At 44 years old I may be starting out a bit late, but in my wildest dreams I never imagined that photography would pull me in as it has. I have always loved taking pictures of my family but when it finally became time to buy my first ever digital camera, I really had to learn how to use it. In the beginning, portraits were my main focus, but then several models started contacting me to ask if they could work with me. Along with them came their stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists and we slowly managed to form a “team.”

In the first photo set, we wanted to make use of complementary colors as well as use poses of the 1960’s. Our model Sheri has quite a slim figure, just like the famous Twiggy, so these 1960’s poses worked very well with her. Viki, our MUZ, created wonderfully “Barbie-like” makeup and even with our low budget, our stylist Wanda managed to put together some wonderful clothes and accessories.

The goal of the second shoot was to pair the clothes of Hungarian designers with the modern environment. On one of the hottest days of summer (almost 40 degrees Celsius) we did the photo shoot on the “Felvonulás tér” and also on one of the newest bridges of Budapest, the Megyeri Bridge. Even though sweat was basically pouring from everyone, our team worked hard and we managed to take photos at a lot of popular tourist sites. Because we were in such popular places, we often became a tourist attraction ourselves. The sweetest scene of them all was when a group of thirty English boys stopped right next to us and they began to take photos of Sheri. I can only blame the unbearable heat for not taking advantage of the situation and taking some photos of it!

Quite recently, one of my acquaintances told me that “It is easy to take good photos of young beautiful girls.” I wholeheartedly disagree on this matter. I have taken quite a lot of portraits before and I’ve learned that you can create good photos of just about anyone as long as you can find the right angle and facial expression. The difference between the photos of a photogenic and a not-so-photogenic model isn’t the quality of attractiveness in my opinion. It’s the quality of the model as a whole. For me, it’s important when I’m taking photos that the model isn’t just a “tool” to be used in the picture, but also breathes life into the entire photo.

When I see the work of my role models, Ellen von Unwerth and Julia Noni, I know that I still have a lot to learn before I can finally say that I fully understand my work. But this form of creativity is something I genuinely love and enjoy. Truthfully, if I cannot get a photo-shoot set up at least every two weeks, I actually feel like I have withdrawal symptoms. So I will usually get my young kids to model for me (even though they really don’t like it!) just so I can continue to let my creativity flow.

My love for photography came quite late for me. Because of this my goal for the future is to improve as much as I possibly can. If I want to get anywhere then I need to be faster, better, and more creative than my younger colleagues. I dream to succeed and take photos not just for my enjoyment, but for other’s pleasure as well.

LOOK 1 – set:Top: Pull and Bear 1.990Ft, bolero: INQ Concept 23.000Ft, ring: Gera Noémi 19.900Ft, bag: Zara, short: Topshop
LOOK 2 – set:shoe: Zara 14.900Ft, short: Topshop, body: Bershka, necklace: Delacier 24.900Ft, bracelet: Delacier 16.000Ft, earring: Assesories 7 Pound
LOOK 3 – set:shoe: Zara 14.900Ft, body:Bershka, dress: Cako 35.000Ft, necklace: Delacier 24.900Ft, bracelet: Delacier 16.000Ft, earring: Assesories 7 Pound
LOOK 4 – set:shoe: Zara 14.900Ft, coat: Zagabo 114 Euro, bracelet: Delacier 16.000Ft, necklace: Delacier 24.900Ft
LOOK 5 – set:dress: H and M, earrings: H and M