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Fashion Editorial: Clerical

Fashion Editorial: Clerical



Model: Oscar Putrino – http://oscarputrino.com/
Makeup: Ester Fusto
Photographer: Marco Loisi by Visioni Fotografiche.
Retoucher: Emanuele Socrates Nasonte.

1) a sackcloth made a bit more cool for the figure of the frier;
2) an original cassock with a clerical high-cocked hat for the prelate, provided by the bishopric.

In the evocative setting of the Monastery of St. Nicholas, a jewel of the late Sicilian Baroque and a Benedictine complex among the largest in Europe that holds within it a Roman house, the cloisters and a beautiful roof garden, it takes place this unusual shooting made up of pictures with a cinematic movie effect and a realistic and spectacular style at the same way.

A frier and a prelate in a monastery: deliberate contrast between the monastery, a place of “ora et labora”, just a place usually intended for monks, and two figures of priests militants outside that find inside of it the perfect environment for the contemplative part of their lives as consecrated.

A charitable, humble man living in poverty the first one, a dignified, ecclesiastic, erudite man the second one but both converge towards the same ideal of strong Sacredness, of Faith even through suffering, privations and sacrifices as big as the vow of chastity. It echoes the “Didymus Cleric” by the great nineteenth-century Italian writer and poet Foscolo.

Dydimus is a fictional character, an intellectual and translator whose portrait is traced in the literary work:” Notizia intorno a Didimo Chierico”. “Dydimus” because the one is a double, a twin, an alter ego of the other one. And as much as Didymus, the man of God feels the passions as because he is aware of the vanity of all wordly things and so he finds a refuge in the silence of the cloister of the monastery, not without a note of slight melancholy. All steeped in a lyrical atmosphere because the prelate is also a literatus, a priest of the “poetry”.

The shooting is a tribute to the strong spirituality of Oscar who lives in an eternal mystic tension towards the transcendental. Idea and project made in harmony with the creative and always ready for new challenges photographer Marco Loisi.