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Fashion Editorial: Classic Hollywood

Fashion Editorial: Classic Hollywood



Photography by Mark Serrano
Makeup by Monika Halina
Hair by Allen Furlan
Wardrobe by Carmela Rinella
Jewelry and shoes by Monika Halina

The glamour of classic Hollywood is a timeless piece. It transcends generations and inspires people from different walks of life. The black and white looks evoke a vintage feel of the past. The alluring looks and incandescent lights bring a modern interest. The classic Hollywood look is an inspiration that has no boundaries. Enamored with this knowledge, our team sought out the drama and looks of the classic Hollywood era.

The shoot was conceptualized in a week’s notice. It was not difficult to convey the concept across the team, so we are able to move on with the shoot quickly. It was held on the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel in downtown Chicago. It is once known as the “Hotel of the Presidents” and one of the finest luxury hotels in Chicago. It is a classic hotel built in the early 1900’s. Its architecture, engraved statues, chandelier lights are a wonder to behold. Blackstone is the perfect venue to stage our Hollywood shoot.

We have two main looks that we wanted for this shoot: the classic, elegant look and the modern, contemporary look. As artists we strive to be unique but at the same time preserve the core concepts. The photographer, Mark Serrano, was inspired by chiaroscuro, an interplay of light and shadow, to create that dramatic look. With that in mind, he took advantage of the existing ambient light to capture the moody indoor night scene. In certain scenes we added artificial lights to further enhance the drama. He used a pair of Canon bodies to capture the moments. In order to pull of this concept, the team needs a model with strong features reminiscent of the old Hollywood look. By a series of fortunate events, Monika Halina, from the BMG Models talent pool, was available and very much willing to do this shoot. She has the alluring and confident look that matches the era.

The wardrobe stylist, Carmela Rinella, was inspired by the glamour of classic Hollywood but with a modern twist. She added a sense of luxury and empowerment to her designs. Allen Furlan, the hair stylist, was inspired by classic Hollywood siren look. His styling is a mix of classic and newest gel and wax combined. To produce an organic-curled effect, he used his hands and a medium curling iron on the model’s hair. We didn’t have a dedicated makeup artist due to scheduling conflicts with the hotel, so the model did her own makeup which matched the concept very well.

For post-production we decided to focus on producing film-like imagery and glamorous, high fashion images. We want to showcase the dress, the hair, the makeup, the model, and more importantly the classic Hollywood look. We believe we have achieved our goal and will inspire other people as well.