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Fashion Editorial: City Girl

Fashion Editorial: City Girl


Photographer: Mark Wong
Model: Erin Elliott
Hair & Makeup: Sarah Ve
Wardrobe Stylist & Designer: Tanushree Pande
Clothing: Poplyn

We wanted to create an editorial bringing to light different kinds of looks and roles young women in the city play on a daily basis.

Clothing for this shoot is from the latest collection by Toronto based label Poplyn. This collection was inspired by the TTC and the pieces reflect the colours, patterns and shapes found at or around the rails and subway platforms of Toronto. Hence, the theme ‘City Girls’ celebrates the modern day women living in the city, going about their day to day life with a confident and independent style.

Each look featured here with model, Erin Elliott, identifies with a woman on the go, be it at work, casual day attire or a night out. The clothes and styling by Tanushree Pande reflect a strong female who isn’t shy but embraces her individual style. The outfits go from day to evening, to night highlighting a different look in each surrounding. Makeup by Sarah Ve and accessories for each look match the mood, getting bolder as we head from morning to night. A sleek pony with cat eyes, roughly set bun with neutral lips or a bold night look with strong lips and eyes, all part of the ‘City Girls’ in different roles.

The shoot was done in downtown Toronto with all the hustle and mayhem of the city adding to the theme and creating a unique backdrop for each look. Photographer, Mark Wong, got some fabulous shots with daylight, capturing each look and used the dusk sky and twilight beautifully to get the evening shots.  The first look with the girl in the red dress, running around the city, hailing a cab projects a strong independent city girl, who is confident and not scared to take risks. For this look, we kept her makeup minimalism with bold red lips to match the dress and a nice clean ponytail for a professional on the go individual.

The second look features a young girl dressed casually, maybe going to college. With a bare midriff, a denim jacket and a leather skirt with cut out details and handy cross body bag for the daily essentials, this is a street savvy girl next door with a confident style. Hair tied in a rough bun and a chic pair of boots she is a city girl with a charm.

The next look with the metallic leather skirt, halter top with geometric details, bright red heels and chunky accessories makes a strong statement for an evening out clubbing or a chic soiree with friends. This look along with the dramatic chandelier earrings and metallic head pieces is not your average cookie cutter style but a free spirited woman with her own sense of fashion and art.

The last look of the series features a sheer maxi dress with leather bustier and peek-a-boo canary yellow panels along with zipper details reminiscent of the railroad tracks of street cars, we find around Toronto. The strong smokey eyes, bold accessories and sleek hair all make up for a sexy night out.

Wardrobe List:
Look#1-2: red dress – Poplyn; necklace & bracelet – H&M; shoes – Model’s own
Look#3-5: denim jacket, bustier top & leather cut-out skirt – Poplyn; ring – stylist’s own; necklace – H&M; handbag – Aldo; shoes – Model’s own
Look#6-7: halter top & metallic skirt– Poplyn, earrings & necklace as hair accessories- Stylist’s own; necklace – H&M; shoes- Model’s own
Look#8-10: sheer maxi dress- Poplyn; earrings- Stylist’s own; necklace- H&M, shoes- Model’s own