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Fashion Editorial: Cindy

Fashion Editorial: Cindy


Photographer: Dominika Wozniak www.dominikawozniak.com
Fashion Designer: Ewa Kyrcz
Makeup: Anna Łęska
Hair: Patryk Nadolny
Model: Cindy /Specto Models

On the other side of the river, near upon the center of town. Wistful breaks, the silence and the other stars. Cindy!

The fashion editorial is based on pure elegance and sophistication to one of sensuality. Show the professionalism, balance, naturalness and success young woman. The protagonist of this editorial is the model Wioleta Rudko (Cindy), represented by Specto Models Agency. Being 5’ 9’’ tall and with a swan-like posture, she is a catwalk dream. Cindy certainly has the look, rhythm – and she is ready to show the world her moves.

Decided to work in team with the fashion designer – Ewa Kyrcz, to arrange some classy outfit. She is young generation designer, having extremely creative look at fashion. Trying to be perfect at what she does. Focus on original form allows for development of exclusive vogue. Follows self-developed style, which allowed her creation of premium fashion brand being a guarantee of interesting, uncommon shapes and best in class quality. Creations designed for economically active women preferring uniqueness on the one hand, and classic look on the other. Designing is what she loves and what makes her dreams come true. Draws inspiration from surrounding world.

Makeup artist and hair stylist were responsible for accentuating the model’s features. They created amazing, elegant looks. By the way was helped perfectly evoke emotions and carry a narrative within the still image. Dominika Wozniak is a Fashion and Commercial Photographer, born in 1992 in Poland. Based in United Kingdom, study Visual Communication on Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. She is a highly ambitious and passionate, fashion and advertising photographer. Her images are strikingly rich revealing a sophisticated quality. Also the winner of last International Fashion Competition, on Miami Fashion Week 2014.

Whenever I shoot, I try to attach a piece of myself to the photograph. I enjoy creating unique graphic contemporary scenes that are greatly inspired by classic paintings, motion pictures or a wide range of day-to-day life experiences. Photography is a personal inspiration, spiritual and inner conviction. That is why I am always in something which is built up from rather than just a superficial image, and that what I try to capture in my photographs. All of experiences in life thus far have been reflected through my imagery and continue to shape me personally and as an artist.

Look 1 – 3: dress by Ewa Kyrcz
Look 4 – 7: dress by Ewa Kyrcz , jewellery by H&M
Look 8 – 9: shirt by Simple Creative People, jewellery by H&M
Look 10: shirt & skirt by Simple Creative People, jewellery by H&M
Look 11 – 15: dress by Ewa Kyrcz, jewellery by H&M