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Fashion Editorial: Business Women

Fashion Editorial: Business Women



Photographer: Luca Maci – www.lucamacifotografo.it
Make-up Artist: Eleonora Guarnera
Assistant Make-up Artist: Antonella Marino
Hair Stylist: Alfio Trovato
Stylist: Noemi Licciardello
Model: Lorena Grisafi

This suggested fashion editorial tells women’s story, as usual. I think I am privileged man to be often in contact with so many women thanks to my profession. I always try to understand their personalities, their aspects and I am always more certain that “the future is woman”. It is undeniable that, we still live in a patriarchal society, but women are fighting to get more power and I am sure it will happen soon. In a “male first” society, where aggressiveness and violence have failed, open-minded women, with their mildness and tolerance will dominate. I know, there’s still a long way to go before they can reach the goal and there are a lot of difficulties and prejudices to win but at the end… yes, they will.

Sometimes “Business woman” is associated with the idea of a woman unable to build a family or a thirsty for power person, but obviously it not always like this. We know that women are unstoppable when they set their minds to accomplishing a goal. They have the ability to transform their dreams into reality with one simple quality: determination. It is thanks to determination that most of them have both family and career, even if it means daily sacrifices. Times are not ripe to fully accept that. People do not understand how a woman can take care about so many aspects in life and being a wife, a mother, a manager at the same time seems to be shocking or sometimes “against nature”.

Fortunately the new generation is open minded and without preconceptions. They do not talk about “weak sex” vs. “strong sex” anymore. They know that this distinction is entirely based on the person and not on the gender. They look at woman who reaches a top position in Business with respect and esteem because they are full aware of the long hard way behind.

This fashion editorial takes cue from this considerations and it is a wish for all the women in all over the word to win the discriminations and express themselves in their beauty, their personalities and their dreams.

The portrayed woman is Lorenne, a self-confident and strong woman, who rules the society and wins the prejudices. She is not only gracious and elegant, she is a “Business woman” (as per the title). A dynamic woman, who takes care of her femininity and her appeal. She is strong and she does not give up to her career but she faces with determination and tenacity the daily challenges and responsibilities. She daily works hard between family and job and she fight for them. Lorenne is a married woman with children… she is young…she is a business woman…she is a common woman.

Outfit: Showroom Licciardello
Shoes: Blocco 31