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Fashion Editorial: Bonjour Tristesse

Fashion Editorial: Bonjour Tristesse


I was born in Naples, the city of contradictions. It was once the pearl of art, literature and one of the major Italian cultural centers but also at the political level. With time everything has remained but its reputation has changed because of several changes by its inhabitants that have made it, unfortunately, some hated. Going against all this, I have always loved and respected for what it is and will always be, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It says here “See Naples and die”.

All my life I’ve had problems in socialization. I had to move in a north Italian city than where I was born, in order to allow my parents to find a job and give us a decent life. So just 9 years I found myself having to start over. Here the photograph was for me to relive that tragic year of my life: to start from scratch, trust people and ensure that they trust me. And so it was born my passion. I was able to express my art through the people and thanks to them today my frustration is nothing. I can capture their emotions only with a look or a movement of their body and slowly that the shooting goes on sets in a silent relationship of mutual respect and friendship.

Everything started going to concerts of my girlfriend, the effectual set of their life and all the members of the group were always satisfied. I continued to feed this thing innate in me through the phone, snapping burst all around me, developing my photographic eye. Finally one day my boyfriend decided to give me a camera and from there all really began. In fact, I owe a lot to him, he did it to me I could express myself in some way, had noticed that I was slowly losing and would have been difficult for him to find me. The rest of the story you can easily guess, contact non-professional girls in order to establish a lasting relationship, even friendship. I like to advise me from them even the same style of the shooting and the thematic so that they can find themselves in what they do and never feel themselves embarrassed or think again.

All this has awakened in me the desire to discover. I started sending burst my sets around the web and are slowly managed to get me published in the magazines and achieving small goals that even I had. My expectations were quite trivial and still are, but the small satisfactions are always a plus point to believe in yourself. I would like to conclude my story with a Buddhist step that helps to explore yourself with the inner thoughts:

“But if the inner thought is not distracted, and external things entering the field of thought, and place a corresponding mutual combination, then it is the formation of the corresponding field of consciousness. All forms, relevant to what you are thus formed, you have in the trunk of attachment to form, every feeling you have in the trunk of attachment to the feeling and the same happens to every perception, every distinction, in all consciousness. It understands now: ‘So this is the provision the meeting, the combination of these five attachment trunks!’ And the word of the Sublime sounds: ‘Who sees the origin of causes, sees the truth: those who see the truth, sees the origin of causes’. From these causes are thus originated, these five attachment trunks! The will, the pleasure, the statement, the satisfaction in these five attachment logs: this is the origin of the pain. The denial of the will of craving, the annulment of the will of craving in these five attachment logs: this is the annihilation of pain. And therefore, brethren, a Munich has done much ‘. “


Photographer:  Federicaa ph
Female Model:  Monica
Wardrobe Stylist:  Federicaa
Makeup Artist:  Monika