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Fashion Editorial – BLOOMING IN HER OWN PACE

Fashion Editorial – BLOOMING IN HER OWN PACE


Photographer: Nina Petrova
IG: https://www.instagram.com/nivora/
WB: nivora
Model: Keisha Von De Jürs @Promod (PMA)
WB: kxxccx
Assistant: Frieda Maelle
WB: friedamaelle
Hair & Makeup: Johanna Sari
WB: johanna_sari_
Wardrobe Stylist/Set Designer: Sarah Schiffmann
WB: periwinkle__x

Wardrobe Credits:
1-2: Lingerie-Set by UNDERPROTECTION
3-5: Lingerie-Set by troo

Blooming in her own pace

Our body is like a delicate flower. We have to care for it and treat it with love and respect. Delicate doesn’t mean weak, it means to be conscious of our health, body and pure beauty.

Unfortunately, society loves to judge about bodies. Is it too chubby? Too freckly? Too wrinkly? It is not ”too” anything. If we want to stop this judgement we have to start at our own self-perception. Because how are we supposed to teach body positivity and self-love, if we can’t even love our own body? We should think of our body like a beautiful, delicate flower. A flower can only grow on a nutritious ground. It is the same with our body and mind. If we feed our mind with negative thoughts it will reflect in our body. We loose or gain a lot of weight, we get unhealthy skin, loose hair and get physical or more often mental diseases. We need to be aware of how strongly connected our mind and body is. A healthy mind means a healthy body.

We only can clear our minds of society’s pressure and perceptions, if we constantly care for our mental flower garden. If we don’t check in on our flowers occasionally they will wither and die. We need to give them the right soil to sprout, the right amount of water to grow and enough light to bloom.

Body confidence should not be dependent on something. You do not reach self-love or self- acceptance when you finally lost weight or finally got those birthmarks removed. Body confidence is about loving your body as it is and not about loving it as soon as you reached society’s wrong ideal of beauty. Be proud of your stretch marks, be proud of your birthmarks, bumps and dints.

We may think that others find it easier to love their body because they don’t have certain obvious flaws. But it is a fatal mistake to judge somebody by his or her appearance – even if a person is elected the most beautiful person on earth, they might feel ugly and uncomfortable because they are constantly watched and judged by their body. Our focus should always be on our mind and not our body. Because what happens within is what our body reflects.

Self-love always needs to start with accepting and loving yourself and not seeking for reassurance from society. Because society just sees what you show them. If we hide ourselves they don’t learn, but if we show ourselves with all our, so-called ”flaws”, we can teach them body positivity. We teach them to love and teach them to perceive a stretch mark as an attribute of beauty. Because we need to stop calling a wrinkle a flaw. It is great if we accept and love our blemishes and even emphasise them as „pretty flaws”. But why do we call them flaws at all? Why is something as natural as a stretch mark called a flaw? Our body and mind need to be a space free of judgement, expectations and ideals of beauty. There is no ideal of beauty. Beautiful is what we call beautiful. Call your dints on your bum beautiful, call your stretch marks beautiful and call your wrinkles beautiful. Nobody can dictate us what is beautiful.

A flower can not bloom, if it is not allowed to grow. How are we supposed to grow and reach complete self-love if our mental flower garden is constantly stamped down by the pressure to fit into the worlds ideal of a body? Only if we become who we truly are, we can bloom.

Fashion Editorial - BLOOMING IN HER OWN PACE

Fashion Editorial – BLOOMING IN HER OWN PACE

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