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Fashion Editorial: Behind The Mask

Fashion Editorial: Behind The Mask


Fashion can be a mask to cover imaginative poverty, and is often the antithesis of individual taste, but it can also become a weapon to establish a distinct personality. Fashion fixates, it’s a life-force that propels, excels, excites and ignites. A medium that is core to the perpetuation of self and creativity in our societal conscious. However, it is also within the eye of the beholder, an eternal dialogue of expression and consumption to be cogitated upon by adoring and critical eyes. The mask can slip periodically and personal and creative motives can come to the forefront. However whilst the mask can hide limitations, it can also showcase strengths and be exhibited like the plumage of an exotic bird. We all wear masks in different forms, let yours be one that reflects the tendencies and messages held deep within, or a canvas to allow onlookers the privilege of inferring their own interpretations and desires.

Blind ambition and faith in garments is projected. Ocular abandon in what is presented to a public forum. Knowing elegance in feel of drape and the hug of figure. Awareness stripped from the form that is encased with flow, texture and material. It relies on the atmosphere created by a piece to best interpret its ideal. Not knowing when fashion leads the blind.

A mask of drama and a mask of heroic presence. The strength and bravery the mask allows is breathtaking. Anonymity becomes identity, subtlety and grace become grandiose. Fashion creating alter-ego whilst illuminating the superego. Emoting from behind a curtain, the same curtain that shields the magnificent stage of life. Cultural and ethnic beauty both celebrated and denoted by the mask. Allowing the vessel of fashion to be filled without prejudice or stereotype. Freeing fashion to be imbibed by the wearer and their own sensibilities.

The mask of celebrity, status signaled by a face from a screen but not a garment. Revel in reality by removing a familiar visage of humanity and allowing tailoring and design to take center stage and entertain the masses. The mask of preconception, a vision-less foray into uncharted territory. Find yourself extolling the virtue of fashion within new environments. Stride proudly blindfolded into new realms of possibilities by not carrying preconceived notions there with you. Introduce those who may not know your brand of beauty to your true self.

Fashion as feature, fashion as art. Take away the emotion of the face and allow clothing to caress and express the curve of a buttock or breast. Material framing the simple dimple or nape of a back, as a frame would surround a Botticelli in a gallery. Highlight the body by dressing it in breathtaking awe inspiring richness and color. Bring forth the origami of a garment, the intricate pleats, the waves of a creative fabric storm crashing upon viewers.

The mask is mercurial. One can hide behind it and portray blandness and fear, or it can be celebrated. Here we see the bravery of the mask, an identity all of it’s own, a statement and an intent to exhibit excellent elegance. The anonymity of the wearer allows for the beholder to be more than judge, they can now be the protagonist and envisage their own visage surrounded by almost liquid levity. Uplifting and empowering, authority is granted to the wearer, a mask to embolden the wearer, a mask to compliment and enhance, a mask to showcase and unite inner self with external exuberance. Not a true mask, more a masquerade, a definite sense of fashion and dress but with room for personality and flair to be introduced.

Use masks markedly. Don’t hide behind them, bring them to life and let them come with you on your journey into the world of other consciousnesses. Use them to convey messages and themes. Wear them proudly and adorn yourself with the idea of a living mask. Fashion is life, and it doesn’t thrive used simply as a tool for concealment.


  • Dress Designer: Sarvin
  • Shoe Designer: Valentino
  • Photographer: Phil Mairs
  • Stylist & Creative Director: Sarvin Clark
  • Model: Madeleine Morgan
  • Assistant: Susan E Kelly
  • Model: Sarvin Clark
  • Fashion Editorial: Richard Saunders