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Fashion Editorial: Becomes the Glamorous

Fashion Editorial: Becomes the Glamorous



In a place best known as paradise there are three muses inviting us to join them to feel the magic, touching in first hand trends and their sophisticated world. This editorial is a gift to sense, where taking place diversity of colors, silhouettes, textures, fabrics, volumes and trends in a charming place. Fashion Photographer Angeles González and Fashion Stylist Angie Reyn from AngieNewlook agreed to capture timeless stages with a wiser lens captivated by the beauty of these stunning muses. Fashion goes and comes in an explosive mix between real and fantasy world along senses.

Fashion Stylist and Blogger Angie Reyn is in love of ladylike style, inspired by fifties and sixties era, where a new look came to break the rules with trapeze silhouettes, and trousers, each dress was chosen thinking according her personal taste for chic and the quintessence of luxury and class. For each editorial she get inspired by different decades, and music, she likes to spend her spare time traveling and looking at people walking down the street, as she says ‘Real trends are on the street’ ‘Fashion is on Magazines’

Famous Photographer Angeles Gonzales get inspired by the way of looking trying to catch muses guard off, traveling around the world made her to decide photography is her way of expression, is how she can describe how beauty is, it is her personal style of catching paradise along her lenses. Focused in the light of each muse, Sophisticated Muses are living their particular life surrounded by luxury, and still being down to earth in the middle of paradise. Photographer’s mantra is to catch an unexpected moment, expressing the natural scent of the stage. Each stage is designed carefully recreating three different moments with statement pieces making the difference, accessories are everything in this paradise, headpieces and jewelry are the final touch to embellish the looks.

Ladylike short dress, jumpsuit, haute couture dresses extend us a warm invitation to taste this delicious garden. Silk, laces, frindges, Georgette, satin, velvet, chiffon, a luxurious taste of ageless trends. Grey with a touch of floral prints, black, beige, red, are breathing out a fresh air in all spectacular designs created by the famous designers Moises Nieto, Isabel Perea, Arquimedez Llorens, Morena Mia, Caramelo, Natalia de Lara and Naughty Dog.

Jewelry is a way to say who you are without having to speak’ Our muses are wearing exquisite pieces chosen in purpose to match them with their attires. Swarovski, Mckenzie, Agatha Paris, Elena Estaun. A fairy tale is not complete without accessories, headpieces means a lot to our Fashion Stylist Angie Reyn, giving our muses feathers to touch the sky thanks to bespoke pieces created by Sandra Palomar and Carissimo Tocados.

A lady should be walk in heels, and our beautiful ladies are stepping ahead in glamorous Caramelo Sandals, Prima Donna Sandals, Zara pumps and Blanco peep toes. This delightful paradise is located far away in a place where talented people had given the best detail to make the sophistication a word in capital letters: SOPHISTICATION



  • 1.- Model Rocio O.G., Dress Natalia Lara, Bracelet Svaroski, Earrings Agatha París, Shoes Prima Donna
  • 2.- Model Isabela Moiseeva, Black Trousers suit Morena Mía, Necklace Estaun, Shoes Zara
  • 3.- Model Veronika Castrillo, Dress Caramelo,Headdress Carissimo Tocados, Shoes Caramelo,, Gloves Vintage
  • 4.- Model Isabela Moiseeva, Dress gray hair Moises Nieto, Red feather headdress Sandra Palomar, Turquoise Ring Mackenzie, Shoes Zara
  • 5.- Model Rocio OG, Long skirt Isabel Perea, Crop Top Naughty Dog, Bracelet Il Ciclamino
  • 6.- Model Veronika Castrillo Dress Arquimedes Llorens, Bracelet and Ring Mackenzie, Earrings Agatha Paris, Shoes Suite Blanco.
  • 7.- Model Isabela Moiseeva, White Dress Moises Nieto, Bracelet and Ring corales de Mackenzie, Earrings Agatha París, Headress Sandra Palomar, Shoes Zara
  • 8.- Model Veronika Castrillo, Black velvet Dress Isabel Perea, Bracelet Svarovski, Earrings Agatha París
  • 9.-Model Rocio OG, Red Dress Natalia Perea, Bracelet and Ring Mackenzie, Earrings Agatha París, Shoes Caramelo