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Fashion Editorial – Beauty Wrap

Fashion Editorial – Beauty Wrap


Photography by Salden Eltagonde
Hair and MakeUp: Kristine Viudez
Models: Marina Teteryukova
Lighting Equipment: Lucky Budha Photography Lighting Studio
Photo Retoucher: Salden Eltagonde Retouching
Location: Manila, Philippines

As a graphic design now a photographer, it helps me to determine what was really the kind of style that goes into a kind of photography that lead me to extend my vision in visual imaging. One basic thing that enables me to continue creating images is my unstoppable inspiration in beauty and fashion which is a great source of my motivation and ideas; mostly the mood of lightings from outdoor to studio.

As a Photographer at the same time, a Retoucher is an advantage and necessary because in order to produce interesting and great photos you need to have an eye in both fields. Even Achieving subtle details is a hard process to accomplish; and to have a perfect outcome of an image you need to be patient in every detail with full determination, focus, and confidence. Frequently I keep on looking on some great masterpiece of others as my reference in this style. It helps me to analyze the things that need to consider including the face movement, body mood of the model and mostly the quality and contrast of lights when did during the shoot.

High-end magazine, online community like Behance is my favorite place to get inspired by looking outstanding works. I always considered it a lot as a part of working practice in achieving quality polish images that also helps trained eyes knowing which one need to keep and need to be corrected. It was applied based on my experienced in beauty photography and retouching; it says less the problem during the shoot the easiest way in retouching because I believe beautiful RAW image, beautiful post production, equals excellent image.

Some of my personal work have been published in several other publications lately 2016 in Elements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Gilded Magazine, 7 Roar Magazine, Beautivation and was being featured in scorpiojin magazine. While some of my retouchings work both paid and collaboration has been published and some was part of magazine features in Surreal Beauty Magazine, Alpha Fashion Magazine International, and Insights Magazine in Qatar.

The influence of my parents is one factor that I really love in addition to as being passionate about beauty photography and retouching. When I›m involved in collaboration/paid projects and being part of the work with the talented people, I always feel excited to do it perfectly; and I want to give all my best to achieve the success of the team within the projects.

My passion and love for beauty photography and retouching is endless because it gives me more life to be out of stress. I feel different unlike others because it gives me continues challenges that help me to develop myself and grow in this field. And lastly I did more realization in myself every time I engage in an hour fronting the monitor while doing a touch-up post process; it brings me a lot of joy than what I do in my personal life aside from family. As time passed I suddenly grow in developing skills into perfection as part of the goal to have more chance for great opportunities and upcoming projects in my own time and specification. The same way as my aims in the future that I want to share with anybody my style and principles in terms of beauty photography and retouching.