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Fashion Editorial: Beauty in Motion

Fashion Editorial: Beauty in Motion


The idea of the project was to explore different colors and apply a gradual change of makeup looks working in conjunction with different fashion accessories.

The post production of these images focuses on a variety of illusions and graphic inspired by day to day objects, geometries and shapes. It is scientifically proven that colors give us positive balance of our emotions. Part of the process is of improvisation creations, as design and the flow of creativity shall not be limited by space and time. A variety of color temperature and combination had been experimented.

Phyllis Wong is a photographer based in Sydney and Hong Kong. Phyllis has built a portfolio of work that explores functionality and aesthetic details in different visual styles, and a wide variety of subject matter.

Phyllis began her career in urban design and planning, where she developed an artistic sensitivity for the interactive relationship between people, nature and the constructed urban environment. Her philosophy is to examine the concurrent concealment and exposure of beauty and design in order to dissect the body and its relationship with people’s perspectives on power relations in society. In Phyllis’s portfolio you will see her interpretations of gender, environment, and traditions. The process explores the aesthetic quality, functionality and scale of body and space.

Burton Yuen is an emerging Hair and Makeup Artist who is rapidly making a name for himself in the fashion, film and bridal industries. His works can be seen at various international film festivals, gracing the pages of glossy magazines and on the walls of family homes. Burton believes in natural beauty, perfecting skin and enhancing the given gifts of every person, male or female. His application aims for perfection and balance, this he explains to every model and client as he stares down their face, making models feel just a little unease. The result is a beautiful work of art.

Recently Burton has won an award for ‘Best Makeup’ at the Sunset International Film Festival in Los Angeles, for the film Carnations by Harvey House Productions, combined with a Diploma is Specialist Makeup Services, Beauty Therapy and Commerce, his skills, experience and ability makes him a sought after artist who is able to work independently, as part of a team and more importantly able to lead a team or artists, ensuring work is completed to specification and on schedule. Not just to be nosy, Burton believes in education and has constantly is attending expos, seminars and workshops to ensure his skills and knowledge are always up to date, evolving his talent and at the forefront of his industry.

He’s a bit of a know-it-all, allowing him to be a former Beauty Writer for Namoi Valley Life Magazine and Head of Campus’ NSW & Educator at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. Teaching at a Diploma level, he is able to constantly practice, perfect and demonstrates hair and makeup techniques for fashion, period styling, body painting, special makeup effects and business to boast a few talents. Burton’s talents are every growing and aspire to take on new innovative works to add to his portfolio, the more quirky and unique the better. High fashion and beauty will continue to be a favorite, and with the development of his bridal business, the hair and makeup world will be hit with a force like no other.


Photographer & Retouching Artist: Phyllis Photography
www.phyllisphotography.com, www.facebook.com/phyllisphotography
Hair, Makeup, Styling: Burton Yuen, APEX Hair + Makeup by Burton https://www.facebook.com/APEX-Hair-Makeup-by-Burton-162258783839355/?pnref=lhc
Models: Zoe McCracken & Ashlinn Mchugh