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Fashion Editorial: BACKWARDS ESCAPE

Fashion Editorial: BACKWARDS ESCAPE



“Choose to escape from reality, to create their own world, to be masters of themselves and enjoy the way of his life. The problems, the concerns are out of our place, here there is peace with oneself, the desire to be masters of their own bodies and their lives.. “

The inspiration comes from the desire to isolate themselves from the outside world. Today’s world is made up of people who use the technology so absurd, without respite. See the people running here and there, who speak or use the chat by mobile phone, complaining about anything. I tried to run back, trying isolation from everything to find inner peace and to understand themselves and their bodies. The location and futuristic style clothes are an important key to this editorial because they represent the desire for anyone to be in place, to live at least once this reality even for a short time.

The stylist has searched clothes in a futuristic style. clothes important because the model had to be a strong woman aware of her sensuality and beauty in every situation. It’s amazing how clothes went from an aggressive style to go on a sensual, to process on a sexy and finish with an elegant important. Considering the trend of the editorial and the beauty of the model make-up artist Serena has kept a trick simple and subtle to highlight the face and eyes to become more assertive and sexy at the end.

The choice of model was important for us because we wanted a model with personality and with Urban Management Agency of Milan who presented us Olga we were happy and impressed. Olga gave sensuality, has stood out the clothes on his back, he created that feeling of class and safety of their own body and the desire to be fashion that was our intention.

Thanks to Maiora Group that has allowed us to use the yacht as the location for this editorial. Maiora Yacht 39DP is one that will turn heads not only in size, but also for its design that combines comfort and luxury, elegance and aggression, all of which reflect our editorial.