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Fashion Editorial: Arora Aura

Fashion Editorial: Arora Aura



Photographer: Mark Wong
Model: Jem Fontaine
Makeup Artist: Leanne Herman
Designer: Sonia Arora Designs
Jewelry by: House of Dissan

First and foremost, Sonia Arora is a lover of fashion. Before she started her brand, Sonia Arora Designs, in 2015, she was an avid shopper of couture garments. The exposure to such high-end clothing was inspiring, but it was also eye-opening. She found that, although the garments were unique and well-made, they were inaccessible to most people, due to their extremely high prices. This was the seed that eventually motivated her to create her own line of clothing, Sonia Arora Designs.

The aim of Sonia Arora Designs is to create garments that are not only fashionable but are made with high quality and are affordable. The brand uses only the best fabrics and additional hardware, sourced directly from Europe, and handpicked by Sonia herself. As well, the quality of the garments is assured by having them all produced locally, in Toronto, Canada, instead of them being mass produced overseas. By doing this, Sonia can ensure that the clothes were created with the utmost care, and she can also make sure that those who are producing the pieces are paid fair wages and have safe workplace conditions. This means that you can get a truly beautiful, well-made piece of clothing that you can feel good about wearing, all without breaking the bank.

When Sonia designs her collections, her main inspiration comes from the women she envisions wearing her clothes. These women know that it isn’t about what you wear, but rather about how you wear. They know that they can take any beautiful dress, and dress it up to make it sophisticated or dress it down to make it fun. They know that you can be elegant without sacrificing sexiness. As these women can be any age or shape, she always makes sure to include classic and flattering design details. Clothes are designed keeping with the idea that they should fit beautifully on any woman. On top of that, Sonia uses a wide array of fabrics in her collections, all of which she handpicks herself from Europe. Garments can come in neutral colors, or they can come in fun colors. The brand also incorporates beautiful, detailed prints into the collections. As well, Sonia designs her clothes for longevity. Many of these garments can be worn from season to season and year to year, as they are made to last. This is why Sonia Arora Designs garments are made with a classic feel to them. By combining timeless style with fun, modern details, Sonia creates unique garments that can be can be worn time and time again.

Sonia Arora Designs operates through e-commerce and through retail. The brand’s showroom is located in North York, Toronto, Canada. They are also available on their own e-commerce store, www.soniaaroradesigns.com, and through the HBC’s e-commerce website.