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Fashion Editorial: Architectural Beauty

Fashion Editorial: Architectural Beauty


Beauty is a blurred line between grace, elegance, and confidence. It flows through you like a breath of fresh air, it gives you power to make choices in life, and enables you to live for passion, love, and art. Beauty is what surrounds everything creative, everything different, everything outside of the norm. Beauty is art and art is fashion.

Fashion to me isn’t just about what looks good, it is about what feels right. How do the clothes make you feel when you are wearing them? Are you confident, do you feel beautiful? Fashion photography is just the same; to me it is not just about what I am photographing, it is about what I am trying to say. What is the story behind it? What am I trying to get the viewer to see or to feel?

Sometimes the best images are the ones that tell a simple story, the photographs that you look at and don’t feel overwhelmed by all the different elements going on within the frame. Everything seems to work together in harmony and grace. It is within these photos that everything is enhanced with that picturesque blurred line of beauty. With these ideas in mind, I wanted to tell the story of a women who’s beauty transformed her into an architectural element.

Conceptualizing a photo-shoot for me is much like what an architect does when conceptualizing a new building. An architect thinks about the final overall feeling of a structure before they even envision any walls. With the final feeling in mind, the next step is to think about the light. How will the light look when it rests upon the building; will it add or take away to the buildings overall appeal? How does the surrounding environment work with this structure, what do the colors say about the building, and how will people feel or react when they look upon it?

As a photographer of fashion and fine art, I looked at this project in the way of an architect. I treated each image like a new building. My model the main structure, I envisioned how the light would fall onto her, how the shapes of her clothing would show off the structure of her body, how the colors would make the viewer feel and how everything within the photograph would push the viewer further and further into my vision.

I was inspired to create something that encompassed the idea of being an architect of beauty. A fashion story that personified that feeling of strength and simplicity, that I believe all exceptional architectural buildings display. Even further I wanted to make the model a piece of art, a beautiful statute among-st an amazing architectural structure. The Los Angles Contemporary Museum of Art gave me the perfect background for this, having everything I needed for scenery and color.

The styling and clothing was chosen specifically with this idea in mind. Knowing that lines and structure were to be the defining grace in the photographs, I searched high and low for simple black and white pieces of clothing with strong shapes that would show off the models sharp features. BeBe, BCBG and Express had the simplistic yet elegant pieces I was looking for. With the feeling of the images in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with hair and makeup; a classic dramatic red lip, “cat-eye” lines that would change within every photo, and high caste shaped hair that would elongate the models form. It was my amazing makeup/hair stylist Berenie Gallegos that created the final look with a dark red ombre lip, the perfect lines of shape on my models eyes and hair that seemed to have a life of its own. I couldn’t have asked for more, working with such an amazing group of people, especially my model Kelsie Richards. She moved with such grace and elegance, truly embodying the idea and feelings I expressed to her, she was everything that I described beauty to be; the perfect architectural women.

In the end everything came together with my final processing of the images. A slight blurred effect was added to emphasize the original vision of grace, elegance and power. Like a piece of art on display she stands strong, outlined with a hint of her own figure, traced with the beauty of her self, she is glowing within the frame as the light envelops her.

Photographer: Atarah Atkinson www.atarahatkinson.com Email Here
Concept and Styling: Atarah Atkinson
Hair and Makeup: Bernice Gallegos
Model: Kelsie Richards (Otto Models)Email Here http://ottomodels.com
Photo / Set Assistants: Emily Henderson, Sarah Henderson

Clothing Brands Included in images: Bebe, BCBG, Express
Image #1-9 Dress: Bebe.com
Image #2-9 Shirt, Jacket, Pants: Bebe.com
Shirt, Skirt: Bebe.com
Shirt, Pants: Bebe.com
Image #9 Dress: Exrpess.com