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Fashion Editorial: The Archer

Fashion Editorial: The Archer


My name is Kern Thompson and I’m a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer based in The Netherlands. I started pursuing my dream in 2012. I believe my journey started as most professional photographers start out: it started out as a hobby. My passion for photography started when I saw wedding photographs from a friend on Facebook. It was to me like art in a Sex and the City look and feel. I didn’t know that it was possible to do that with a camera. From there on I decided that I wanted to create art with a camera. After a month or so I finished university and heard the disappointing news that my contract would be discontinued.

After meeting up with a good friend and having a inspirational talk about how important it is to take time for myself I decided to take a couple of months off to have fun. So, I bought a camera with the aim to create art for myself. I shared my work on Facebook with pride. After a couple of months people started asking me to take photographs of them. I got very excited when a realized that I was helping others with their business or just helping someone to feel good about themselves. Soon after I realized that I could combine all my interests into one thing.

Now I needed to know how add more value for others. With this question in mind I stumbled on the work of my now favorite photographer Lara Jade. I contacted her via email asking here how to be a professional photographer. To my surprise she replied and she told me to focus on quality and that the rest will follow. And so I did. I though for a while what quality meant for me. It meant at that time his meant that I could only focus on one thing and nothing else. So I gave up the security of a ‘regular job’ to pursue my newly found passion. My goal now as a photographer (and partly an entrepreneur) is to help others achieve their dreams one photograph at a time. I take the time to select the best model for a concept, getting the lighting perfect, getting the best styling, working with the best make-up-, nail artist and hairstylist. But this also means that I try to continually improve myself and my work by trying new things, working with new people and creating new work.

I created this story because I simply wanted to refine my style and challenge myself to create a theme using an object. I had no knowledge about archery and thought that would be a good challenge. I asked a friend if he had a good looking bow and arrow. He said yes and I borrowed his Olympic standard bow and arrow. He instructed me to set up and use the bow and arrow the right way.

The aim was to combine fashion and beauty photography with a bow and arrow in a studio setting to artistically portray an archer. I then challenged myself with certain criteria: the bow and or arrow had to be combined with a new style in every photograph, and the way professional archers use the bow and arrow must be artistically portrayed. I wasn’t easy, but I loved the challenge. One detail I believe I nailed was photographing the string against the nose and lips of the model. Professional archers do this before shooting the arrow.

Photographer/Art Director: Kern Thompson
Stylist: Dominique Bruinhard DB Styling
Model: Mandy de Poel @ PromoVisionModels
MUA/Hair: Joyce van Iwaarden
Nail artist: Junelly Frans
Designers: Jutka & Ruska