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Fashion Editorial: Adapt & Evolve

Fashion Editorial: Adapt & Evolve


Photographer: SpirosK Photography
Model/ Stylist/Makeup Artist: Irene Astral
Hair Stylist: Anna Violet
Nail Artist: Evi Ferfeli

All the photos of this shoot were taken in Syros, once a very important island for the Greek economy, in the center of the Aegean Sea. Much more than the archetypal “blue and white houses”, Its long history of merchants and sailors/ship owners, as well as the fact that it was one of Greece’s main harbors and trading center in the 19th century has left it with a wealth of mansions and impressive old buildings that come to stark contrast with the crisis that’s apparent in every corner of the country, as well as the newer buildings.

It’s this contrast of Old Versus New that we tried to capture:
Old Glory versus New Situation,
Old, often abandoned, mansions versus Newly built simple residences,
Old cobbled streets versus New asphalt-covered alleys,
Old wells and mechanisms versus New cars and machinery.
All co-existing on a small piece of land surrounded by sea.

Our fashion shoot encompasses that contrast with a modern look that comes with a vintage touch. New clothes with Old look, vintage aesthetics combined with modern styling was the key part of this photo-shoot as a sign that a place with a strong historical background and cultural heritage can adapt and survive through constant change. That there is a way for the Old and the New to coexist harmonically and drive us into the future.

More over there is a conceptual and color code in every shot:

Our first and foremost look featured ancient-like, yet modern, blue clothes. The blue color in this and all subsequent shots, represent the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea. The strong light was also chosen to represent the (in-)famous Greek summer Sun, another characteristic of our country’s summer.

On the second look vintage clothes were used, encompassing both the blue color and the ivory color palette of the neo-classical buildings in the capital of Syros Island, Ermoupolis (which derives from the Greek “City of Hermes”, Hermes being the messenger of the Gods). A part of the island’s heritage that was adapted internally to bridge the Old versus New contrast and survived.

The Red Bikini look was inspired by the fiery sunsets over the Aegean sea, when the sky turns into hues of orange and red. So, red was chosen to be the outfit’s and make up’s leading color and it was actually shot by such a sunset at the beautiful Komito beach of Syros. The emphasis on this shot is on the nature and the “raw” beauty of humans. The unchanging factors in an always changing environment of socio-economic turmoil. Same concept for the Blue Bikini look that takes over with the color of the clear Aegean Sea.

As was mentioned, all over the island, many mansions can be found, some of them rebuilt and adapted, some of them abandoned and now forgotten, embraced by Mother Nature in a way that only she is capable of. Neo-classical arches are surrounded by tall trees and vines, composing a fairytale like landscape, which the last outfit is inspired from. The skirt, a piece found on a vintage shop in Athens is decorated with arches and floral patterns. The black corset, is associated with the ladies of the past. The handmade pendant depicts skulls and winged keys which add to the mystic atmosphere of the setting.

About us:
Irene Astral is based in Athens, Greece. She is not just a model, but also a makeup artist, jewel maker, crafter and cosplayer. She is represented by “Diamond and Feathers” in the United Kingdom and by “DiVa models” in Greece. SpirosK photography is also based in Athens, Greece, though regularly travels around Europe. Photography is his passion and he likes mostly fantasy, urban and cosplay portraits, thought he does the occasional fashion shoot. In his free time he writes Science Fiction and dances Tango.

“Aegean Blue” Look: Shorts: Forever21/Shoes: Fullah Sugah/Top by Irene Astral (based on a vintage piece)/Head: e-bay source
Vintage Look: Top by: Handmade by Irene Astral/ Head: Vintage Piece
Red Bikini: Assos.com
Blue Bikini: Assos.com
Mansion Ruins: Skirt is vintage piece/Long Pendant: Handmade by Irene Astral