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Fashion Article: The epitaph of Joan

Fashion Article: The epitaph of Joan


Session “The epitaph of Joan” from the plan was to be a tribute to Joan of Arc, a woman who permanently rooted in the culture of Western Europe. The half-legendary, but in fact an actual figure, from the point of view of man today can be understood only as a mythical one. Her unbending attitude, belief, she pinned in God, in the minds of the twenty-first century, it is so unobvious that we can confidently point to make here is the phenomenon of alienation.

Joan of Arc was sanctified, raised to the rank of that which is higher, until finally alienated from the earthly dimension, becoming only the most beautiful ideal of her and the values that she represented.

My point of view in the photographs was to focus on the aspect of the life of Joan as a human being. Of course, we can find in them the pathos of the time, dedication, boundless trust in God, but also sadness, internal tear and doubt, perhaps seemingly derogatory to modern ideal of Joan, but it is quite the opposite. Only in despair a person can find meaning and essence, what is higher. Only when we doubt, we wonder if we are only able to get to the truth and understand it. Faith makes sense only if it is deprived of fanaticism, and is based on the constant asking of questions, whether it certainly is progressing well. This, in my opinion, teaches us Joan’s life. Of course, in its history, you cannot skip the revelation that flowed to it, but from the point of view of modern man, this is so foreign to us and incomprehensible that it is very difficult to talk about not to mention to understand it.

Arrangement of pictures in a simplified way forward Joan of Arc stories of some of the key moments that particularly influenced her life. Series opens the scene of revelation, from my perspective, the most difficult to shown, I thought long over it, but I finally decided to give in quite a literal way. Many certainly recognize Renée Jeanne Falconetti associate in pre-war silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc to the black and white shots, crossing sessions in many places were referred. Going forward, we see Joanne at the peak of her form in shining armor, with sword in her hand and a look of infinite trust. However, the victory did not last long, human meanness, duplicity seem to be stronger than the finest ideals for which Joanna is willing to die for. However, its apparent failure, which can be ascribed to the death, is really a victory for the values, for which she fought. In this thinking, death is only the element of mortality of every one of us, which some people are able to transcend and rise above of what is human. Joanna, in fact, did it by becoming something more than just a human. By this she cut short the thread of understanding with the ordinary man.

She became a monument, a lasting symbol of something that in the modern world seems to be completely forgotten. The idea of the realization of this project was born during the cooperation with the phenomenal designer Greg Red, the author of the headgear that was the impulse for me to create the session devoted to the topic of Joan of Arc. Irreplaceable Paulina Cichoñska made the makeup that was should complement whole not outshining what was crucial in the photographs at the same time. The next, practically the most important stage of accomplishing the session was the selection of the model that would „become” Joan. Justyna Stasiaczek was brilliant in that job, she brought to the photos very much, and she added to it not only her silhouette but also emotions that we can feel in the photographs. Not to mention about many people that were helping me with creating those photos and their help, even if invisible at the first sight, seems to be invaluable to me. Finding the appropriate location, completing the stenography, setting it up required a lot of effort from all of us. I want to thank to all those people.

Photo: Arek Dec – In the clouds’ photostream
Model: Justyna Stasiaczek
Costume: Greg Red
Dress: Vintage
Sward: Adrian Cichy
Help: Anna Ludwin, Gabriela Rybska