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Architecture with Fashion Designer Tiffany Rae

Architecture with Fashion Designer Tiffany Rae


Millions of people use Facebook every day, but up-and-coming fashion designer Tiffany Rae used it to become part of the fashion industry. Rae was asked to model via Facebook by photographer and friend, Kay Shea and it opened up her world to fashion.

In the fall of 2013, Rae entered a contest through Trionix Recommend Facebook page and although she didn’t win, the cardboard dress Rae designed was exciting enough that photographer, Djeneba Aduayom wanted to work with Rae. Aduayom asked Rae to create eight designs for an August 2014 photo shoot. Around the same time, she reached out to Missouri Style Week via Facebook and was invited to open Missouri Style Week’s runway show August 2014 as well.

After months of working on the designs for the photo shoot and fashion show, Rae, a single mother of twins, she traveled to St. Louis to display her work. Her varied collection included designs made from different materials with matching shoes.

The photo shoot took place at renowned photographer, Maria Cooper’s studio. Jessie Gomez was the makeup artist and Kimi Hayes was the hairstylist for the photo shoot.

After the photo shoot, she traveled to the Moto Museum, where the show would take place. As she entered back stage and carried in her designs, she it hit her that her designs were going to be in a fashion show.

She thought, “I am a self-taught designer from a little town in Missouri and here I am surrounded by talented and experienced designers.”

When she was setting up her designs on the manikins, people back stage reacted positively to her work. When she took the runway with her models to be introduced as the designer, she received a standing ovation from the crowd. She waited for this moment her entire life.

Kristy, the co-founder of the show was very impressed by the reaction of the crowd and said, “I have never heard the crowd react like that.”

After the show ended, fans came backstage to take photos of Rae’s designs. Some were giving her their business cards, some were asking to be her agent and others were asking to be her intern.

Rae said, “I feel like I am meant to be a designer and I will continue to work toward being successful in this industry.”

The audience reacted positively to her designs as well as her heel line, and expects to see her collection in stores in 2015. She accomplished her goal of presenting her designs in a runway show this year and she continues to produce her designs and heel collection with success.

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Fashion Designer: Tiffany Rae
Photography by Kay Shea
Models – Sheridan Young, Paula Anna Skreczko, Kimberly Andert, Mia Masui, Katelyn K, Zaria Mac
Makeup Artist – Team Nicole Powell
Hair: Team Aieme Wright
Location: Missouri Style Week