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How to Dress Fashionably to the Casino

How to Dress Fashionably to the Casino


In the last few decades, James Bond and a host of other cinematic franchises have given us a peek into the glamorous casino lifestyle of a secret agent. Inadvertently, such movies and shows have left a lasting impression on so many people. The casino is a relaxed and laid-back place that you can go to have tons of fun with friends and family while making some money.

If it’s your first time heading out to a casino, you want to be dressed for the occasion. In this article, we look at five style tips to help you look incredibly fashionable at the tables. These tips will help you pick out the best outfits that will impress anyone who sees you playing and relaxing.

Pay Attention to the Dress Code
In various cities around the world, casinos have dress codes for patrons entering their premises. The codes are meant to ensure that only a particular crowd is attracted to the establishment while also enhancing the ambience inside. The dress code may be formal, smart casual, or have any other description such as “red and black outfits only.”

Paying attention to the dress code of the casino you are going to is the first step toward getting the most fashionable outfit. This will also help you avoid embarrassing confrontations with the management. Once you have found out whether it is a formal, casual, or laid-back casino, you can go ahead and select your outfit.

Men can wear a suit to a casino with a formal dress code, or you can lease a nice designer tuxedo for that extra touch of class. You can add a casual spin to your suits by wearing brighter colors. Ladies can pull off a beautiful dinner dress or any other formal evening wear to match the dress code.

Casinos like the Bellagio in Las Vegas have no dress code, so you can throw on anything you like and head out.

Match Outfit with Your Mates
Most people go to the casino with plenty of company. A group of friends dressed in different and unrelated outfits does not look good at all. It is advisable to check in with your friends or date and ensure you agree on a dress code.

A fashionably dressed group of friends can be in all casual or all formal outfits, with each member adding a unique twist to their outfit. There will be different options to choose from. A group of friends in suits, for example, is very fashionable.

If you are going out with a date, you already know you will look daft if you turn up in formal clothing, and your partner is in casual ripped jeans. Matching your outfits is key to pulling off a fashionable look.

Practical Dressing
Fashion is as much about the actual outfit as it is about your level of comfort. If you are feeling too hot, you will have the unfortunate experience of sweating all night while at the casino. This affects the overall aesthetics of your outfit. If you are going out in Las Vegas and decide to hit the casinos during the day, it will get pretty hot fast, so you better wear something light.

Meeting prospective clients for a single high stakes game at the casino requires a different dress code from a drunken road trip that ended up in Vegas. If you are not up to the intense night out, you should stick to online poker. According to Alex Kapinsky of NJGamblingFun, “You can have all the fun of the casino playing online without having to get dressed up for it.”

Pick the Right Tie, Suit, and Shoes
Going to the office every day can get you in a routine wearing the same set of ties and the same suits and formal shoes. Now, although your board meeting does not require red bottoms, the casino needs you to go all out. This is the one place you can dress as flashy as you want. There is a wide selection of suit cuts from all around the world. Do not go for the conventional cut. Instead, pick a more pretentious one like a palazzo suit.

Your shoes reflect your level of flamboyance. A person can tell a lot about you by looking at your shoes, so you should make sure they are just right. You can be adventurous with them too. You can wear a tuxedo with your Air Jordan’s, for example.

Wherever you go, there will be some level of etiquette expected of you. According to men’s style website The Idle Man, adding a lapel pin to any suit can be an easy and affordable way to customize your outfit to your style.

Wear the Right Accessories
Gents wearing suits can accessorize with a nice pin to decorate. A nice watch works just as well. The right timepiece will hold your entire outfit together.

Most people you meet at the casinos will be looking good with various pieces of jewelry. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, casinos can put on quite a show with jewelry. Check out the story here. You will feel left out if you do not follow the trend.

Jewelry worn to the casino should be classy, and as such, a light necklace and earing will do just fine. Remember, going to the casino is the relaxed version of going out to the club.

Have Fun with It
I will reiterate this. The casino is meant for having fun and making money. You are going out to have a good time, not to lug a jacket around all day. Do not wear anything that will end up as luggage that you need to carry around everywhere you go. A fur coat looks nice until the weather gets too hot, and it becomes a burden.

You can buy clothes that work well for all sorts of events. According to The New York Times, you can get clothes that will last you a while and survive any fashion trends. With the tips in this guide, you are ready to pick an outfit for a night out gambling.