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Doja Cat – Need To Know (Official Video)


Featured Friend – Grimes
Featured Friend – Jazelle Straka-Braxton
Featured Friend – Josephine Pearl Lee
Featured Friend – Ryan Destiny
Lead Male – Cameron Saffle

Directors – Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio
Executive Producers – Austin Barbera & Jake Krask
Commissioner – Sam Houston
Directors Rep – Tommy Labuda
Production Company – SixTwentySix Productions
Head of Production – Kai Yuricich
Producer – Brian Bell
1st AD – Jesse Hayes
Director of Photography – Russ Fraser
Production Designer – John Richoux
Editor – Miles Cable
3D VFX Artist – Diachi Sakane
3D VFX Artist – Miles Cable
Colorist – Kaitlyn Battistelli
Label – Val Pensa
Label – Quinci Bryant
Label – Tunji Balogun
Record Label – RCA Records

Team Doja Cat
MGMT – Wassim “Sal” Slaiby
MGMT – Gordan Dillard
MGMT – Lydia Asrat
MGMT – Josh Kaplan
MGMT – Rachel Rowley
Creative Director / Stylist – Brett Alan Nelson
Stylist Asst. – Kristen Ritchie
Stylist Asst. – Talia Garner
Hair – J Stay Ready (Jared Henderson)
Hair Stylist Asst. 1 – Devante Turnbull
Hair Stylist Asst. 2 – Rachel Lita
MUA – Ernesto Casillas
MUA Asst 1 – Ivan Nunez
MUA Asst 2 – Michael Silva
Nail Tech – Saccia Livingston
Content – Jamal Peters
Content – Helina Behailu

BG/Featured Vanities
Stylist – Ann-Marie Hoang
Prosthetics Lead – Malina Stearn
Key Artist – Allison McGillicuddy

At this rate, Doja Cat songs will be playing on the moon. Unafraid to get freaky, the music video for her new single, “Need to Know,” takes place on a night out … in space. But don’t worry, hoe-tivities are the same no matter the planet. The otherworldly Grimes co-stars as one of Doja Cat’s alien BFFs, so we’re assuming this takes place in a future where Elon Musk figures out the whole Mars thing. (The video also features actress Ryan Destiny, in another stroke of casting brilliance.) Doja Cat’s interplanetary exploration comes with the impending arrival of her third studio album, Planet Her. “Need to Know” — a Dr. Luke production — follows up her lead single “Kiss Me More,” featuring SZA. Both visuals feature Doja Cat playing video games, a nod to literally everyone’s pandemic pastime. We won’t sit here and act like the livestream of Doja playing Little Nightmares didn’t get us through. Not anymore. We’re going out and Doja Cat is coming with when Planet Her drops June 25.