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Covid 19 and Online Casino Trends

Covid 19 and Online Casino Trends


The gambling industry is expected to grow at 94 billion by 2020. The online gaming websites have seen a huge spike in users during this pandemic. That is because most players are hooked on to online casinos. Smartphones have made online gaming easy and convenient. The games are compatible with the smartphone technology and are designed with engaging graphics and smooth gameplay interface. The most popular online casinos are Royal Panda, Genesis Casino, Betway Casino, Leo Vegas etc. The sites host a variety of games such as online Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, slot machines etc. For eg., players can play Roulette online at BlueFox Casino etc. To lure people towards their sites, gaming companies offer various kinds of welcome bonuses and incentives to bump up their deposits. Since mobile sites guarantee safety and security through their verified authentication system, many players are comfortable exchanging financial transactions and payments.

The gambling industry is undergoing significant changes every year. There are new trends that take place in the gambling space. These trends decide the future of the gambling industry. Every gaming company should keep a track of these changes to create special offerings for its users. Every gambling enthusiast should also be aware of such changes to gain more knowledge about the industry.

The era of cryptocurrencies transactions

Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency is becoming popular in the gambling industry. The technology is being used for the payment processes. The users do not have to provide any sensitive information or bank details. Cryptocurrencies are said to be the fastest and safest methods of financial payment. Few companies are accepting payment in the form of cryptocurrencies. But post-2020, many companies are planning to put up cryptocurrency as an alternative source of payment option. The blockchain technology will increase the security standards of the gambling industry.

More demand for live dealer games

Live dealer games will become more popular in the coming years. Initially, players had to gather around land-based casinos to scout for a chance to play at the table or the scout machines. But things got a bit simplified with the inception of online gaming sites. They have added the live dealer feature. But the dealers were replaced with random number generators which would deal with cards. But gamblers were not satisfied with this feature. So the online sites allowed human dealers to deal with cards at the table. The human dealers were genuine and experienced with the game. Now players can enjoy the simulated Las Vegas casino experience from the four walls of the room.

Dawn of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Gambling industry is experimenting with the idea of Virtual Reality for their games. Poker happens to be the only game that uses virtual reality technology. Players can see each other in one gambling environment. This makes live gaming a more immersive experience. AR or Augmented Reality is another concept to be tried out in online gaming. AR will transport the users to an actual gambling casino with tables, slots, dealers etc. Live gaming will become even more mesmerising.